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Quotes 9/4/16

Here is to a wonderful!!

Always desire to learn something useful 


A Quote A Day

Delicious baked cauliflower recipe

This is the world’s easiest cauliflower recipe you can ever find but it is so delicious, that I even decided to share it with you! 313 more words


The Secret to Keeping your reader's Attention – Clarity of Thought.

Blogs are like frogs. In as much as they rhyme. On a similar note, have you ever heard of the tree Kangaroo of New Guinea? Splendid animal. 298 more words

The Other Stuff

make yourself usefull

a useless person becomes a useful person when God uses the person.
symbol of shame, cross, became symbol of salvation when Jesus used it.



Sejarah mencatat. organisasi Budi Otomo yang merupakan organisasi pertama yang berdiri Pada 20 Mei 1908 Budi Utomo didirrika oleh Dr. Sutomo  bersama para mahasiswa, dengan tujuan untuk memerdekakan Tanah Air Indonesia. 441 more words