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Как живётся в Австралии.

Вообще, это, конечно, очень обширный вопрос. У каждого свои мотивы прибытия и проживания на вечно зелёном континенте. И я уверена, что есть те, кто считает Австралию далёким и загадочным местом, раем для души и тела.


Cars and stories. Part 9.

Polski Fiat 126 is a little car from Poland.

The brand was created in 1932, when the Polish government made an agreement with FIAT to produce licence cars in a state factory… 67 more words


DIY; Cable Organiser!

Anyone who knows me knows I can be quite the Hoarder, because I always think useless things will become usefull at a later date. Here’s an example! 385 more words


Cars and stories. Part 8.

Skoda 105 car from Czechoslovakian.

In August 1976, the Škoda 105/120 went into production. Despite being basically the same as the previous S100/110 under the skin, the new cars had a lot of improvements, such as a front-mounted radiator with a thermostatic fan. 116 more words


Cars and stories. Part 7.

Dacia 1300 car from Romania.

You can buy drawing in high resolution here.

The Romanian government of the 1960s had decided to acquire the tooling and basic design of a modern, western automobile, in order to offer their own car to the Romanian people. 267 more words