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A meaningless amount of time

Spent on a useless series of rhyme

- Yien, 04.01.15


I try so hard...

My 10 yr old is almost always happy. He only argues with his siblings, never anyone else.

He rarely asks me for anything outside of birthday/Christmas gifts. 349 more words

Quote of the Day [March 31, 2015]

“There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.”

– Bertrand Russell



Sometimes she grows tired of,

Everything that she sees,

But deep down she tells herself,

“I’m just tired of being me.”

She looks at her pictures, 129 more words

Self-Replicating Meetings

This week has been full of meetings.  It has been non-stop, Monday through Friday.  I’m really not exaggerating here – I have actually “worked” a total of about five hours this week; the rest of the time has been spent in boring, pointless meetings. 835 more words

Information Technology

Alex Salmond meets Harry Reid

American journalism, particularly online, doesn’t pull its punches. Here are comments from three fine pieces (1,2,3) on the now retiring… 486 more words

I wonder...

I wonder so many things, some stupid some not. Who am I kidding most stuff I wonder are stupid things. But then I wonder can you really wonder stupid things?

I wonder…