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Amazing double rainbow

Amazing double rainbow this afternoon. One of the most vividly coloured rainbows I’ve ever seen!


O.S paradigm

A look to the left, right, up and down, humanity appears caught in a mass hypnosis

Murky futures, overburdened present and materialism, hard to make out the prognosis… 236 more words

(6) Clowns and Liars

Paul Goodman on entertainment and advertising:

“Consider the men and women in TV advertisements, demonstrating the product and singing the jingle. They are clowns and mannequins, in grimace, speech, and action. 139 more words

Ghostwriter's Friday Fact #7

The dot on a lowercase “i” is called a tittle.


The value of "useless" people

My friend and I argue about Barcelona soccer. Namely, Alan says Luis Suarez was a costly and “useless” addition to the star-studded squad. While I have been critical of Suarez’s tendency to bite opponents previously, I endorsed his arrival at the… 369 more words


Learned Today

When we are really not in need, a precious thing becomes useless even if offered at free.


Useless Me

I envy those who could do anything with their lives. They could drink alcohol and waste their lives. They could have fun. Unlike me whose confined in a room with a blanket and book. 371 more words

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