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Today on October 25th! Is Senior Year Necessary?

To help with the upcoming argumentative essay, Mr. Ziebarth decided to analyze an article from the New York Times. Next, we popcorn read the article from the New York Times titled, “Class Dismissed”, by Walter Kirn. 488 more words

Public Access

Stage of concern? 

It has been over 1 week and the Conveyancer has yet to have advised me on our current land position. After telling me, the council are useless to communicate with and won’t give me an answer if I call.. 360 more words


I absolutely hate reading. I never knew why exactly but I never found reading entertaining. Even when I watch a movie and fall in love with it, I can’t read the book. 120 more words


Help Us Get Out There!

Hello fellow bloggers! I’m writing this little post and hoping that you can offer me a little help. Maybe it’s just me, maybe there are others of you out there who like me, does not have a clue when it comes to technology! 327 more words

That's Life!


For having had minimal invasive surgery, I am disappointed at the amount of pain I’m still dealing with. My headache isn’t showing any mercy either. Because of the amount of time I’m sitting/laying in the couch now, my back is aching outrageously as well. 120 more words

time useless spend

hi another friday and i’m sorry it’s quite late.

every time a gay person got’s beaten is a time spent useless. why not use it show your wife or girlfriend a good time instead to go through streets and looking for gay’s to bash them? 189 more words


It's nearly another year.


Baby is almost 12 months old now. Big baby.

We went overseas for 3 months. Big holiday. In Estonia.

Work hasn’t changed much. Marika doesn’t work now though. 61 more words