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Being the Ogre

You promise you’ll be home tonight

to kiss the kids and hold me tight

You tell me it won’t be the same

until it happens once again…

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Kait King Author

V-Day, Kiss Me Arse!

If you are looking for a little lovely poem, an inspiring story, a thoughtful limerick or any other wonderfully positive unrealistic notion about Valentines’s Day, I’ll save you the trouble of reading any further.   861 more words

Trumpton riots

At the time of writing, the result of the New Hampshire primary is unknown, but the event begs the question: why do intelligent Brits ostensibly fail to get Trump’s popularity? 447 more words

Theatre of the absurd

In my conventionalish middle class childhood, I ended up going to the theatre quite a bit: musicals, Gilbert & Sullivan, Shakespeare, the odd ‘modern play’. In truth the only ones that I could hack were some of the G&S and… 245 more words

We were planning for an 18th birthday

I was in a room with my cousin’s family.
My aunt talked about a lot of things
I didn’t really care.

Until she talked about talents and hobbies… 99 more words

Are we seeing the dying days of party politics? -- [I certainly hope so]

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As the nation begins the process of electing a new president, the roles of the Republican and Democratic parties are undergoing fundamental shifts that are threatening their impact on both elections and policy.

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maybe ill try it

I think about writing sober,

maybe I’ll be more articulate-

easy flowing.

maybe my vernacular wouldn’t be

so crude,

always  changing the fucking mood-

maybe I’ll have words… 29 more words

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