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July 27 2016, 10:24pm

Sometimes I feel particularly useless.. the past few weeks have felt like that.

I find myself searching for something, anything that I can do that would be the slightest bit helpful to someone else. 214 more words


Stranger: I like your dress.

Me: Thanks, it has pockets!

This was one of the realest memes I have ever seen. Few men will have had this interaction, but for women it’s more annoyingly relatable than Jennifer Lawrence. 387 more words

Most dietary supplements are useless, but here are the ones you should take

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

So you want to feel healthier. It seems simple enough: Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep and exercise, and maybe take a few supplements to speed the process along. 1,338 more words


Useless Napping debate

Let’s agree on one thing, it’s not just the media, we all like controversies. Media likes it earn money, we like it for discussion and time pass. 179 more words


The FBI has a database that can catch rapists and other violent crooks -- why aren't cops using it?

More than 30 years ago, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a revolutionary computer system in a bomb shelter two floors beneath the cafeteria of its national academy.

462 more words

Two Days of Feeling Useless

What can typical people do within 2 days period? To me, none. I am in the state of directionless. A lot of random thoughts running across my head. 213 more words

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