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​“Dog Days” (Genre: Idle-ism, Story of life)
Sitting at a single place for full five months,

Getting paid for nothing, chewing buns off free funds. 216 more words

Alone Poem

All The useless things & Traits in the world

Humans have come a long way since our neanderthal forefathers, but sometimes something happens that makes you wonder just how much we’ve actually evolved how someone can make something so useless & think people will actually get indulge in it… 39 more words

Useless Life

This life has become so useless nowadays. first, the problem is country and the second is the people ourself. those who got lucky is earning a lot and those who are not ,are still getting nothing even they work so hard . 28 more words

Weinstein - the Hobbesian revolutionary soothing the middle classes

It’s always a cop out, on the face of it, to use a blog to just reprint someone else’s piece. This, however is so good by… 2,198 more words

100 things challenge - one year later

Morten Storagaard took the 100 thing challenge in 2014, and one year later …

The whole process has been so liberating to him in many ways. 288 more words



Powerful, Never insignificant or


Lax or Tense,

Slow or fast, sometimes



Re-Appropriated Gear #2: Hammock Straps

Climbing gear is rated for thousands of pounds. Hammock gear is rated for 300 lbs. Guess which one weighs more? Which one takes up more space? 105 more words