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Let me disappear

I have done enough ranting about how much of a fucking burden I am on the people around me, and how I can’t do anything right. 43 more words


#AtoZ2016 : U Is For Useless

I feel it again.
That sinking feeling.
That hopeless feeling.
The one you get when you try.
And you fail.
When you want to do something… 426 more words

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April 21
Everyone must call me Barbie Doll for a reason. Am I fake? Plastic? Purpose less? Lifeless? Empty?
I love doodling things on the sand. 140 more words

make yourself usefull

a useless person becomes a useful person when God uses the person.
symbol of shame, cross, became symbol of salvation when Jesus used it.

as a good day (or a bad one) ends

At the end of a good day:

“I felt useful today, Lord. Thank you. It was good to be used by You.”

“Yes, child, it’s good that you feel useful. 282 more words