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Brexit news (2)

The Spectator Coffee House has hit form again. At a time when Dave and friends’ Doomsday assertions re the possibility of Brexit acquire the genuine comic value… 717 more words

I have ADHD? I feel stupid...

Yesterday morning you won’t believe the mental break down I had! Why? ADHD happen! Been having trouble sleeping and my job as a graphic designer is stressing me out. 455 more words

My Diary

Gods -Only the Silent Ones

Of course we’d want the silent gods.
Versus the Exodus and Genesis
When the thunder of voice
The strike of death, and the clear blade of reckoning… 213 more words


Eternally Happy and Utterly Useless

“In heaven, all the interesting people are missing.”

–Friedrich Nietzsche

“What is Heaven?”

This question, like many others such as “What is love” and “What is happiness,” is one that is very simple, and also has a simple answer.

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Meriadoc Brandybuck Feels Like Baggage in Someone Else's Story

When Aragorn makes the speech that we thought about in last week’s reflection Gimli and Legolas hear it as a call to arms. They have no doubt about what they must do. 663 more words

J.R.R Tolkien

Map back to you

Been at lost these few days. I always thought I will screw up in life some time but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. 170 more words

use less words

words that sprinkle

they tingle

like glittery stars on

arts and crafts paper in