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Companies won’t learn from the T-Mobile/Experian hack -- Om Malik

Last Thursday, John Legere, the C.E.O. of T-Mobile, joined the ranks of the dozens of chief executives who, in the past few years, have had to inform their customers that their personal information has been stolen.

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The Pursuit of Discipline

A man will lack sleep. He will let go the essential to focus on his desire. The night is witness to his shadow on the wall, busily pursuing his ambition. 175 more words


Being the Ogre

You promise you’ll be home tonight

to kiss the kids and hold me tight

You tell me it won’t be the same

until it happens once again…

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Kait King Author


Last week I had in interesting class about branding; about how to add value by branding something.

Ways of adding value are storytelling – look at a lot of commercials; they have some kind of story that makes you interested – and personalizing – you can identify with the product or the person that uses it. 229 more words


Corbyn is a rubbish Marxist compared to Blair

There’s nothing original in this observation, but Peter Hitchens summarises it so well that I’ve pinched a chunk of his Mail on Sunday column. It’s been noted previously that New Labour adopted the tiny Marxist… 323 more words

Seemingly Useless Kitchen Gadgets, But I Want Them Anyway

Ice Cream ScoopDo you love this?
Ice Cream Scoop Easy Homemade Glazed Doughnut Holes Recipe Seemingly Useless Kitchen Gadgets, But I Want Them Anyway Mango Sorbet… 24 more words