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Black, Blue, White or Gold : The downward spiral of social media

So what colour do you see it? It got extremely annoying yesterday : flashed in my face over 100 times, ‘have you seen it yet’. By the end of it I felt like screaming when I got home and my mother showed me it with the exact same phrase thinking she was cool and had probably dug out a teenage fad that I hadn’t got to yet. 466 more words


Learning shorthand

I like to pride myself on learning things that have absolutely zero practicality just¬†because I think it’s cool.¬†(Well, also for the bragging rights). Over the years, this is what I’ve picked up: 432 more words


A Purpose and a Place

The coffee said it right there on the package; Paradise is where I am.” Ha! Bologna! How can that be? It sure doesn’t feel like paradise when your heads spinning with the bewilderment of it all. 588 more words

Repetition is a sign of Stupidity

It’s getting old
All this being told
“You’re a beautiful soul”
“You shine brighter than all the rest”
“You’re the fucking BEST”
The answer
I contest; 43 more words

Useless, but beautiful

The Chinese have a story about a carpenter and his apprentice resting in the shade of a huge, gnarled oak tree. ‘Do you know why this tree is so big and beautiful?’ the carpenter asked. 118 more words

Inspirational Sayings

This is your sidewalk. And this is your sidewalk with a broken water main at 20 below!

A water main broke and flooded a couple intersections. The city cleaned up the street but the sidewalks still need work.


So cold, vapour from the river is freezing!

A lot of mornings when I to into work I see vapour from the river freezing and hanging there.