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Developing a useful heuristic eval template

Our launch is set for December 21, and we have a kind of mass user research event planned for the second week of December. It’s really a heuristic evaluation, and we’re basically opening up shop on our East and West campuses (they’re connected by a bridge) and offering up popcorn and/or hand warmers to those who participate. 342 more words

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Choosing the right usability tactic for different types of users

Everyone has their own preferred ways of performing a given task. While circumstances may often inform the way we approach our to-do lists, most of us have our own methods that we stick to… most of the time, anyway. 927 more words

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UX Design for Health

Last night I completed a part-time 3 month user experience course at General Assembly. It was quite a lot of work but totally worth it. 219 more words

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The science behind user behavior

One of the coolest parts of user research is the RESEARCH bit. This UPA article by Ryan Devenish and David Royer discusses a really interesting phenomenon: Limits increase behavior. 2,397 more words


Interested in a career switch to UX?

As a technical communicator, I work hard to stay up with the latest trends in the industry. User Experience (UX) has come into its own as a huge sub-career for technical communicators with a creative and people-oriented bent. 1,865 more words


This is a great blog post by Dave Jeyes at AddThis. It provides a great framework for the basis of user research.

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MailChimp is arguably the most accessible and fun to use email marketing company ever. Their practices have certainly influenced the way my company writes our software, and I’ve noticed myself using their blog as a serious source of inspiration …and if I’m really being honest, a reference guide. 1,033 more words