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Use Cases vs. User Stories in an Agile World

When applying agile development processes, are user stories superior to use cases? The article Use Cases in an Agile World states that they serve different purposes but none is better than the other. 45 more words


Prioritisation of User Stories

MoSCoW stands for:

  • Must have (or Minimum Usable Subset)
  • Should have
  • Could have
  • Won’t have (but Would like in future)

‘Must Haves‘ are features that must be included before the product can be launched. 133 more words


Key points about User Stories

  • A user story is a start of a conversation. It should be groomed and organically grown by the product owner and the team. As a —-, I want —-, so that ….
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Who Is the Coolest Person on Endomondo?

With over 22 million Endomondo members freeing their endorphins all over the world, there were bound to be plenty of cool people. So, how would you figure out who among them is the coolest? 514 more words


User Story - RPE and DOORS at BAE

The IBM User Education channel hosts a very good video by David Moran on how RPE was introduced and how it is used at BAE with DOORS 9 with a focus on standardizing the process of producing documents. 9 more words


Steven, a Father Running for a Noble Goal

As a new parent, there’s probably nothing more alarming than having your child become sick and not being able to figure out why. Early this year, one of our users and proud parent, Steven, experienced just that. 330 more words


User Story: How Tammie navigates the ins and outs of everyday life

I hope you’re having a great weekend. When you have some downtime, you might find the post below a useful read – it’s by @tammievicente… 999 more words

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