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Personal Budget Management App - Concept


Capture all expenditure from off/on line purchases by auto / manual recording by the user.



Buying a property - User journey map

User journey map

  • A customer journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal.
  • It’s used for understanding and addressing customer needs and pain points.
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User Story Collection: How the Federal Grants Community Uses Grants.gov

The characters in our User Story blog series don’t have super-powers. But, the wide-ranging ways they use the Grants.gov system reflect time-saving and efficiency-building methods that real-world users can employ. 211 more words


User Story: Where In the World Is My Federal Grant Application?

All grant applicant journeys must eventually come to an end – ideally, with news of an award.

You may remember, in our last installment, our fearless applicants Susan, April, and Leo submitted their federal grant applications. 461 more words


User Story: Social Sciences + Flash Feedback

Seeking inspiration for how to use focused peer review or single criterion assessment in your classroom? In our User Story series, we feature our teacher innovators with examples of student work and feedback from their classrooms. 226 more words

User Story

Grantor User Story: Retrieving Submissions & Assigning Agency Tracking Numbers

The application deadline for Trish’s grant program has come and gone, so now she is ready to get those applications into the application review process… 255 more words


User Story: Checking the Application and Submitting in Grants.gov

That sense of relief is almost here for Susan, Leo, and April. From their different circumstances and team sizes, they have all reached a similar point—the grant application is done and they are ready to submit. 263 more words