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All about User Stories in a Scrum...

If you are following Agile or Scrum, you will often hear about User stories. Let’s understand what they are!

What are User Stories?

User Stories are short and simple description of a feature from an end-user perspective.

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Understanding UX and where I fit in

Figuring out how best to pitch my skills in the world of UX

User experience design is a user centered design process that attempts to understand everything that affect’s a user’s interaction with a product or service. 730 more words

Experience Interface Interaction

Prefer swarming over a mini Waterfall in your sprint

I have worked as a business analist on a project where it was our task to ensure that there were enough user stories ready for the team to start working on. 264 more words

User Story

“As a user, I want to be able to access my client list so that I can view my client list.”

Getting to the value part of the user story right is often tricky. 57 more words

The 4 Reasons Why User Stories are Better than Requirements Specifications

In this post I’m going to show you why User Stories are a better solution than Requirements Specifications to effectively understand user needs and build successful products. 444 more words

Business Analysis

User stories, use cases or requirements? A case of trust, responsibility and collaboration?

What is the exact difference between user stories, use cases or requirements? They all have the same goal: capture the needs of the business so they can be translated into a working software application. 754 more words

Von der Impact Map zu User Storys

Viele Unternehmen und IT-Fachleute steigen auf agile Methoden um. Die agilen Vorgehensweisen bieten ein Rahmenwerk für den Prozess der Softwareerstellung, sagen jedoch nichts darüber aus, wie die Mitarbeiter von den strategischen Geschäftszielen zu den konkreten Anforderungen kommen. 43 more words