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Xzito Hacks Their Way To Increased Productivity and Better Email Management With SaneBox

Marketing and technology agency Xzito is the authority on growth. But when their problems with email management and productivity started to grow out of control, they knew they needed the authority on email to get things back in line—and that’s when they found SaneBox. 873 more words


Intuit Research Takes Their Time Back With SaneBox

Boutique market research company Intuit Research was losing countless hours trying to manage their email. But then they took their time back—with SaneBox.

Losing time to unmanageable inboxes… 622 more words


TechMD Prioritizes Teamwork by Organizing Their Inboxes with SaneBox

From cloud services to data security, TechMD helps businesses leverage technology to maximize efficiency. So it was especially important they find a way to streamline their own inboxes. 970 more words


Crafting User Stories That Agile Teams Will Love

A popular term you will come across when working in agile is the “user story.” For the uninitiated, a user story is a technique of expressing software requirements in a specific format, usually: 176 more words


User Story: Designing a Strategy for Finding Federal Grants

Over the last few weeks, we have begun featuring user scenarios from across the Grants.gov user experience. Click the User Story tag for all the posts in the series. 590 more words


Equitem Financial Services Gets Better Service For Their Email With SaneBox

An established financial services company, Equitem knew the best way to deliver world class service for their clients. But when it came to their email, they were the ones who need a better service. 475 more words


Intelligent Technical Solutions Finds The Solution To Taking Control Over Their Inboxes With SaneBox

Managed service provider Intelligent Technical Solutions needed a more timely communication management process and to better attend to the company’s high volume of client correspondence and notifications. 1,119 more words