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Creature of habit and comfort

Not wanting the change

Knowing change is necessary

Necessary for growth

Knowing basic needs of food, sleep, air, water

Knowing the needs and desires of love, touch, kindness, being needed and wanted… 91 more words


Not the Same

How quickly things change

In an hour, in a minute, in a second

One minute you’re here

The next you’re gone

Oh! How I wish you could’ve been there… 75 more words


For A Child: When Words Don't Come

I often wonder what goes on

In your mind

With your little “deedle, deedle”

Coming from your mouth

Eyes gazing off into space

Not really knowing what you’re thinking, feeling… 91 more words


The Recent Announcement to Ban Transgender People From Serving in The Military - My Personal Beliefs.

I consider myself a moderate liberal as far as liberals go, in today's society. I do not agree with all things the liberals believe, yet I tend to relate to them more than any other politically driven group. 510 more words


The Teenage Liberal

I'm writing this story at 2 o'clock in the morning, simply to introduce myself and say hello to the community.

Though I am entitling this "The Teenage Liberal" (mostly because all of the other authors on here have a cool tag line) I don't want readers to be discouraged from reading my work. 228 more words