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Bioware promises “plans” for Mass Effect: Andromeda fixes on April 4

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It’s not easy to craft a 100-hour-plus space opera epic on the scale of Mass Effect: Andromeda, even with five years and over $40 million to blow on it. 387 more words


Testing out snapshots in Apple’s next-generation APFS file system

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Back in June, Apple announced its new upcoming file system: APFS, or Apple File System. There was no mention of it in the WWDC keynote, but devotees needed no encouragement. 1,781 more words


A Nintendo Switch Case For The Sophisticated User

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Say you recently dropped a chunk of cash on a new Nintendo Switch. You might leave it in the dock most of the time, but at some point you’re gonna want to pick it up and take it with you. 1,016 more words


Week 5: User Persona

Artefact Personas

Artefact personas are a useful way of thinking about the visual design of the product and what this communicates. It takes the subjectivity away from client meetings by providing context. 374 more words


Week 4: Understanding the Device

Planning for an app on iOS you should always practice using an iPhone and the same goes for android. Each platform has a set of unique elements, terminology, and device characteristics. 307 more words


The 25 most popular travel destinations in the US

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If you’re planning a vacation and need some inspiration, look no further. 

Travel planning and booking site TripAdvisor just announced the results of its  159 more words

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The 25 best places to visit in 2017

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The INSIDER Summary:

  • A new ranking from TripAdvisor has found the best destinations in the world to visit in 2017, based on millions of user reviews.
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