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Very similar to Wanelo, Fancy is a social photo sharing webstore and mobile app created by Joesph Einhorn. The e-commerce site allows users to engage in socially oriented shopping through picture feeds and sharing. 364 more words

Kaspersky Lab KL1154UXCFS - Anti-Virus 2014 3 User 1 Year DVD Software

bAntivirus software to keep your PC and your data secure against malwarebbr With over 200000 new ma
Product Features

Anti Virus 2014 Kaspersky Dvd 3 User… 15 more words

Ubiquitous User

‘What kind of information is available about me online?’ – It goes without saying that I am not the only one that constantly thinks this. Everything under the face of the sun is almost ‘microwavable’ (instant and accessible) and ubiquitous – a view explained by Professor Tara Brabazon. 68 more words

6. Online Visability

USER - Espaço público, Participação, desenvolvimento local, coesão

No dia 27 e 28 de fevereiro , o Clube participou enquanto entidade gestora do projecto Escolhas Sementes a Crescer no workshop sobre o USER. O Projecto  tem participado nas várias fases do USER dado ser um projecto de intervenção socioeducativa  numa das duas freguesias abrangidas pelo USER, a freguesia do Beato.  294 more words

Clube Intercultural Europeu

Manage local Users and Groups in RHEL 7

1.  To create user use command useradd.

2. Whenever new user is created without specifying any other values then default values will be taken after creating user. 477 more words

Centos 7

MySQL Migrate Users and Grants to Another MySQL Database


Sometimes we need to change our database. In this case we have to migrate users and their grants to the new database server.

Here is a procedure for this issue… 174 more words


Establishing User Profiles

As a way to understand the functions and requirements of laptops I have established 6 profiles of typical users, in order to understand and influence the component requirements, from standard performance to high. 107 more words