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Dropbox Hacked – Minimize your Attack Surface!

16 October 2014

I heard the news Tuesday evening at 10 o’clock: “Dropbox hacked”. About 7 million usernames and passwords stolen.” I could hardly believe it. 321 more words


'Dropbox passwords' for sale are all EXPIRED: Bitcoin buyers beware

Pastebin: Still not exactly the Oracle of Truth

By Darren Pauli

Yet another fraudster is struggling to relieve suckers of their Bitcoin after publicly posting what’s purported to be a cache of no less than 7 meellion Dropbox login credentials. 243 more words


Russian hackers might have your info - now what?

August 8, 2014

Amy Hebert, Consumer Education Specialist, FTC


You may have heard about it in the news: reports that Russian hackers have stolen more than a billion unique username and password combinations, and more than 500 million email addresses, grabbed from thousands of websites.

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Identity Theft

iCloud keychain

I am a big fan of iCloud key chain. If you’re not familiar with the service it keeps track of all your usernames and passwords, and syncs them across your apple devices. 279 more words


The Internet Has A Password Problem

“The password is the root of all evil,” says an expert.

You have a problem. Your online passwords — the barrier that protects your most private correspondence, financial data and nearly every element of your identity and life — are a mess. 663 more words

Heartbleed Rated as Most Catastrophic Internet Bug of All Time

The Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability is a complete nightmare. What’s even worse is how limited you are in protecting your information. Since most who are affected by the bug are what’s known as an “end user” (The person who actually uses a particular product.) The responsibility to fix this mammoth issue is the person who manages the web service or manages the back-end service that the web service uses. 307 more words

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Yahoo E-Mails Hacked By Third Party

Yahoo is now the latest company to fall prey to hackers. Usernames and passwords were stolen from some estimated 273 million email customers. The company announced yesterday, they believe the attackers were attempting to access the accounts using credentials that had been obtained from a breach of another company’s user database, the identity of the company is not known. 14 more words