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Best practices for writing your PRD

The Product Requirements Document (PRD) has long been a topic of debate among the product management community. For those who are not familiar with the term PRD, you might know it by another name, such as a MRD (Market Requirements Document), or a specification document. 328 more words

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Show-Command Bug when using Run button in Windows Server 2016 TP5

Recently, I posted an article about using Show-Command on New-NanoServerImage cmdlet to easily construct the command with parameters input from the Show-Command prompt and found this additional ^M syntax characters at the end of the syntax when selecting the Run button. 111 more words

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Why Product Managers need analytics

As the world is become more connected than ever before, users generate more and more unstructured data. These massive amounts of data are expected to… 253 more words

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OneDrive storage saga.. Microsoft sees sense at last

After making a monumentally stupid decision to claw back storage space from consumer OneDrive accounts it seems Microsoft have finally seen the light and relented on their decision… in part anyway. 274 more words

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Under Review: Change Icon for Visual Studio 2015

Just after the release of Visual Studio 2015 I ran into the issue where I had a couple of previous Visual Studio versions installed (due to the fact that I had to support software products built on these Visual Studio versions using features that only were available in these specific versions) and apparently Microsoft decided -not- to change the icon for this version. 230 more words

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