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Torn Between Two Paint Hues

As a home stager, I suggest a lot of paint colors as I help to prepare homes for the real estate market. And by and large, grays are what sells these days. 358 more words


SW Color of the Year 2017

OKay then! If you hang around long enough…(as they say…)

Taupe is back. The color we’ve spent the last decade ridding our houses of is now Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year for 2017. 275 more words


Feng Shui & Red Front Doors

The formal front door is the most important part of the exterior of your home. It’s the mouth of  chi energy—the place where energy enters your home. 454 more words

Using Color

Making Sense of Color Coding

Organizing your clothes and accessories by color makes a lot of sense to me. You pick out your clothes by what colors you want to wear. 227 more words


My Favorite Color? Blue&Green

When I was in college, back in the style-challenged ’70s, my response to “What’s your favorite color?” was always “blueANDgreen.” They came as a set for me, and even the vintage floral fabrics of that decade still have a nostalgic, times-were-great-back-then appeal. 108 more words


Analogous Color Scheme

Creating an Analogous Color Scheme

Last week I gave you a brief lesson in color theory and how to use a color wheel. Today I am going to expand on how to create an analogous color scheme. 254 more words

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