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A post that's been a while in coming

So I meant to post about this last week.  But then Irene came through and we lost power and I was out of work for a few days…so I’m just getting around to it now. 819 more words

Relationship Diabetes

In my brain, I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not to write this post.  Because I feel like I just did this.  I feel like I was just into a guy that was so into me…until he wasn’t.   713 more words

The reason why Muffin is crying

So remember how my last post was all “Oh, 21 is so fabulous and we had such a great weekend and I’m absolutely stupid for him. 1,221 more words

Sad Panda no more!

So maybe you might have noticed that I have not been a little ray of sunshine lately.  In fact, I’ve been downright hateful.  Not in an amusing, “Oh Sarah you adorable little scamp” way.  281 more words

A silly thing to be upset about turns into something else entirely

I’ve had the same trainer for like, a year now.  She’s wonderful.  I love her.  She gets me and she gets how I work.  She knows how to push me.  360 more words

Exciting news on an otherwise boring Sunday

And this isn’t my news.  Just so everyone is on the same page.  If I was in this situation, I would not be so happy.  I would be kind of sad. 434 more words

Treading water

Yesterday at work I had a talk with my manager for our mid year career discussion.  It was an awkward talk because my manager is new to being a manager and kind of didn’t know what to say to me.  571 more words