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RECIPE: Cheat's Leftover Turkey Curry

This is only called ‘Cheat’s Leftover Turkey Curry’ as it is made predominantly from store cupboard ingredients rather than creating a spice mix or paste as you would in a traditional Indian dish. 241 more words

It’s springtime? Let’s roll!

Springtime ? Hmm well I suppose it is …

So they say.. ( who the heck are they) anyways? Huh?

Never mind that let’s ROLL! 151 more words

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Playing with your food ... southern fried porkyness

After landing up with a hand of pork.. yup pigs do indeed have hands.. a good cut .. wanting a blast of heat and then on the low down for .. 242 more words

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The mighty meaty rib o beef a couple of ways

Now as you probably are aware Mrs Fitz is a confirmed roast beef fan.. it’s her happy meal for sure..

so who am I to refuse? 289 more words

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Pantry Candy

Do you eat leftovers? I have only known one or two people in my life who didn’t. Well, I just don’t “get that”. When I was growing up, we ate everything until it was gone. 581 more words

RECIPE: Corned Beef Fritters

The other day I posted about using up your leftovers and said I was planning on adding some of my leftover recipes to the blog. I also posted a recipe for corned beef hash. 214 more words

Waste Not, Want Not

Many people are dubious about cooking with leftovers. However, there are many delicious things you can make and it makes economic sense for those on a budget to make the most out of the food they have paid for with their hard earned money. 215 more words