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Wound with matching teeth

Finding out (essentially by admitting to it) that I have been a victim of emotional manipulation, what I suspected for a while, was and is a horrible experience. 241 more words


"The parts" of me

A lot of conversations have been around about the stigma around mental health. Those talks and raising awareness have helped me to not be afraid to talk about the fact that I have a problem. 734 more words



I wondered about it for a while now and more and more things are making be realise that yes, I’m this kind of a monster – … 289 more words


Never as Planned

The one constant in my life, is that it has never gone as planned. Even with my post on Obsessing Over the Need, I took a different path. 1,342 more words


All For You

I gave all
In my heart for you.
I bled scarred
Both arms for who?
I took an arrow
In the dark or two.
Fresh wounds… 82 more words


I think I get it

I know why it bothers me so much that she’s going from person to person. It’s because that’s what he did.

She’s going around from person to person, using the fact that they’re attracted to her, and she just plays them so that she can feel better about herself. 68 more words

Updates On My Life

Blistered, Calloused

She ripped her heart out with her hands
And threw it on the ground;
Then stomped on it
To show she didn’t care

For men – she’d wanted one – were pigs; 98 more words

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