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new €urren€y

It’s not just money that attracts friends and foes into your magnetic vision. 60 more words

A Piece Of Writing

Leech (a poem)

How long will you continue to use me?
Or is it me, letting myself be used?
I am amazed, sometimes, at your capacity to make me feel… 204 more words


Helping vs enabling

Okay this is a subject I have many strong feelings about.
I have been a witness to enabling.
In our lives currently we have a 21 year old son. 605 more words



It’s Love Week, where people in relationships are thanking God they’re in relationships, and single people are asking God why not us?

I don’t want to hate on anyone’s parade, but I do want to inject some truth into a time that can sometimes be void of it. 449 more words


How to play the game

This is for those of you who either think they are a player, or who want to BE one.

The rules are simple.

1 : Do not get attached. 412 more words


We Are ALL Messed Up!

That’s the sad and simple truth. We might not accept it, we might know it but choose to ignore it, but it’s a fact, not a speculative thought. 1,035 more words


3.17. BigWigs

Give me a nine to five and I’ll thrive to be the prettiest, baddest bitch you’ve ever seen. Because my numbers will pale in comparison to the potential worth of my bust as you thrust me forward to smile that keen smile at another stranger. 454 more words