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Get Pokémon Go Alerts On Your Phone So You Can Walk Around Like A Human Being

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I own a smartwatch. It’s…somewhere around here, gathering dust, because it’s useless when I’ve already got my phone in my pocket. That said, if anything in July 2016 is going to convince me to try using it again, it’s Pokémon Go. 159 more words


The DNC used incredibly weak passwords like 'obamain08'

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The Democratic National Committee was apparently using incredibly weak passwords for some of its accounts, according to internal emails recently published online. 348 more words


I'm not going back to Apple after using Windows 10 for a year

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On July 29th, Microsoft’s Windows 10 will turn a year old. 

And while Microsoft’s tactics to get people to upgrade to Windows 10 have been… 960 more words


The popular Prisma app is now on Android — here's how it works

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Android users can now download Prisma, the popular app that’s using artificial intelligence to turn your boring photos into works of art. 364 more words


Using Design Thinking to Embed Learning in Our Jobs

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Since we now expect learning to be as simple and compelling as watching YouTube, hundreds of video-based content providers and MOOCs offer free bite-sized content for us to consume on our phones while sitting in the coffee shop or standing in the subway. 678 more words


TRUTH Big Companies Don’t Want You To Know: 10 Biggest Causes Of Cancer That You Are Using Every Day!

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When doctors detect cancer in the body, it’s often too late.

Cancer grows and accumulates over time without you knowing. It can come from anything: food, clothes, and the like. 12 more words

Excellent Information About Using Facebook Marketing To Your Advantage

Are you looking to compete with your biggest competitors? reckon on they got Facebook pages and campaigns, and you crave some too? Would you like a better range than you competitors? 742 more words

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