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MUST SEE: A Terrible Fight Between Two Best Friends That Ended Up With Slashing Of Face Using A Blade!

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A best friend is the one you can count on every time. They are just one call away. They are the ones who will always there in ups and downs of your life. 17 more words

These 17 life hacks will change the way you use Gmail

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Since it debuted a decade ago, Gmail has become not just another email program, but a cultural force. It is the world’s… 140 more words


#FoundOn99co: Find a home close to your workplace using proximity search

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We recently met with Yumin, who has just found her home through 99.co. At 27, and having lived in Singapore for 5 years, she wanted to find a perfect home for her and her friends to share. 248 more words

Money Matters

Overwatch PC Benchmarks: Making Ultra HD Look Easy

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Though there are still some hotly anticipated titles due in 2016, we might already have the game of the year on our hands. 1,025 more words


If You Are Using Your Phone Before You Go To Sleep, Then You Better Stop That Routine Now!

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There is no doubt that the life of the people before gadgets and technologies were much simpler than this. Even though gadgets have made the lives of every single person easier there are still disadvantages. 6 more words

Remove Your Tartar Easily By Using This One Ingredient!

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The mouth is filled with bacteria that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Even though it is being cleaned with the help of a mouthwash and brushing, there are certain bacteria that could still affect the mouth.