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Lucca: USMC Dog Hero

Each dog that has served in the United States military and other military divisions around the world are to be applauded for unselfish devotion but there is one in particular that has recently made headlines around the globe. 443 more words


What is it to Lead? Pt. 1

Over the years I have worked for many different people. Bosses, supervisors, team leads, squad leaders…. different names, same roles. One thing I have learned, is that like fingerprints, no two leaders are the same. 545 more words


What Happened?

In continuation of my first post, I often wonder where I went wrong. I ask myself what I did to have friends that would betray me like that. 772 more words


Danny Appleseed

Timecode: 12:59 – 17:08

Commander, Lt. Kaffee’s generally considered the best litigator in our office. He’s successfully plea bargained 44 cases in nine months.

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Japan protests to US over Okinawa woman’s death

Rina Shimabukuro
Press TV – May 19, 2016

Japan has submitted an official letter of protest to the US diplomatic mission in Tokyo over the brutal murder of an Okinawan woman, which is suspected to have been carried out by an American.

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