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USMC Sgt. Maj. Ronald Green visits Benning

Sergeant Major Ronald L. Green, the Sgt. Maj. of the United States Marine Corps visits Fort Benning and the Marine Corps Detachment.

The Nine Crappiest Pieces of Gear in USMC

While the Marine Corps is the tip of the spear, when it comes to issued gear, we often get the shaft.

One of the benefits of serving in the military is having the chance to use all kinds of cool equipment like in Hollywood action movies and repetitive Call of Duty games. 894 more words

Military History

5 Steps to Surviving this Deployment

My husband has been gone now about three weeks, this isn’t the first deployment I’ve gone through but it doesn’t make it any better. They always tell you to make sure to stay busy while your active duty spouse is deployed. 470 more words


Draft and "fairness" in the Usa. Citizen Joanne to get her gun

The spirit of egalitarianism is so strong in the USSA that they are trying to make women register for draft, at last.

Now, whatever your concerns about safety and national security are, you can’t really challenge the fact that an army of volunteers is more motivated and efficient than a motley crew of frightened kidnapped youngsters. 367 more words