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The Power Within

The Power Within

By Brianna Renner

“This is recruit Power.”
“Cookie? I love you!”
“ I have arrived safely at Parris Island.”
“We love you so much!” 1,123 more words


"Some Things Ain't Appropriate!"

Words not suitable

any longer for Marines

to say, sing or chant*!

*(since this will be posted to Face Book at to my Word Press Blog Richwrapper, the Tanka 282 version will remain only on Commentary, Outrages, Prose blog.  42 more words

J Richards

"Some Things Just Ain't Appropriate" Tanka 283

words not suitable

any longer for Marines

to say, sing or chant:

“eight-to-eighty, blind, crippled

or crazy”  – six weeks ‘at sea!’

J Richards

"Forty-Nine Years Past"

A scared near-week passed

at Parris Island and still

not really begun!*

*(Sitting by my garden in shade and sipping an adult beverage with foam on top, the image of my squad leader whom I did not then know and did not know was from Sanford, Florida, USA, too, came jolting upwards forebrainishly, and I grinned: How you like this shit, Jimmy Clements?)

J Richards

John Basilone in Bolt Action

In 2015 Warlord Games released a Pacific War specific supplement called “Empire In Flames” and the pre-order exclusive was one Sergeant Basilone figure – I was sold as soon as it was announced and tore open the package as excited for the miniature as for the new book. 640 more words

Bolt Action

Sherman Engineers’ Tanks

The origins of what are generally called ‘engineers’ tanks’ date back to the earliest days of tank warfare, when in 1917 the British Army modified a number of their Mk IV heavy tanks to facilitate the crossing of deep ditches or trenches. 649 more words