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Initial Thoughts

Much like everyone else, I thought I had a complete understanding of what fitness was when I joined the military in 2004. Everything I learned was from my overweight football coach, or one of my wrestling coaches teaching me how to “make weight”. 878 more words

Under Arms Freelance

Weird sh*t my kid does

I’m sure anyone that spends any amount of time around children can agree that kids are strange little creatures. When raising kids, parents see a lot of themselves in their offspring. 736 more words

talking to dead things

Yes Art Bell on coast to coast said he talk to dead creatures. But i bet if he was a Drill INSTRUCTER IN the USMC U WONT TALK BACK— NEVER TO HIM. 96 more words

twenty ways you know you're a marine wife...

There she is. Do you see her? She’s the one fiercely clinging to his hand. She’s the one dreading another deployment. That’s her waving goodbye to a bus while everything inside her is screaming. 757 more words

Memoir Monday: Soft Spots

I’ve had this book on my shelf for a while, and I’m glad I was finally able to read it. I can’t speak to how well this book sums up other veterans’ experiences with PTSD, but I think I’m at least better able to understand this particular Marine’s experiences. 310 more words

Book Review