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A Lesson From Egypt

*Survival tidbit

No matter which moment in our history we choose to look at, we’re bound to see a society filled with blood and hatred. 633 more words

Moral Reads

Heavy lift programmes such as Sikorsky’s CH-53K and Bell-Boeing’s multi-year V-22 project with the US DoD are ticking along, and the companies are optimistic that as progress continues, international interest in the platforms will grow.

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"Only You Mom!"

“Only you Mom!” is what our daughter, Allison, said with a laugh when I called her while standing on a sidewalk in Little Havana. You know, Little Havana that’s a part the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. 892 more words

Blended Families

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Yep, that’s what Gladys Knight said. And it’s true, this family is the best thing that ever happened to me for certain. Briant and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary last month which means the WilderNest is 17 as well! 390 more words

Blended Families

No, pet shipper you are incorrect

I am trying to ship my dogs to South Africa and let me just say shipping dogs is still a pain in the ass.

However, its not a pain in the ass because its difficult. 381 more words


Afghanistan 2001-2009

With 1st Force Recon at the USMC MWTC on the evening of September 10, 2001. Within hours our whole world would change as we shifted gears from training mode to operations. 56 more words

US Marine Corps Lockheed KC-130 crashes in Missisippi

On Monday afternoon, a United States Marine Corps (USMC) Lockheed KC-130T Hercules crashed in Western Mississippi, killing all 16 people onboard. The aircraft was declared missing when it disappeared from ATC radar over the state, and was reported to have crashed around 4pm Eastern time. 223 more words