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A Foundation to Be Broken

In December I competed in my first federational powerlifting meet. I came second in my weight class and division but walked away with two PRs and two state records. 270 more words

Steel Magnolia

Training the Deadlift

6x3x205# Deadlift

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I’m diggin’ this new training program I’m on and about 7 weeks in.¬† I’m feeling really strong and progressing fast. 156 more words

Olympic Lifts & Powerlifting

The Wonderful World of Polo

My first week with Phelps Media Group was definitely ¬†full of learning experiences. I’ve had exposure to people who have been my role models for a long time, and I’m beginning to see that I was correct in thinking that this would truly be a once in a lifetime experience. 469 more words

Be happy for no reason

The confident, the assertive, the opinionated, the no-bullshit Shea everyone knows wasn’t always this way. It took a few events to make me understand who I wanted to be and what I stand for. 475 more words


Confidence Is a Habit

Confidence is a habit. It is not something you can just decide to have one day, it takes time and it takes effort.

Let me start by telling you how I hit my rock bottom. 483 more words


Why I Lift

Before we go into the why, I need to explain the path I took to get here. I didn’t step into a weight room until my freshman year of college during summer training for basketball. 274 more words


Why I lift

People ask me all the time “WHYYY do you lift so heavy?” My only answer is “why not?” I’m sure you’ve heard it or seen memes and posts about it, but there’s a common misconception with the general population that lifting makes women “big” or “bulky” or “manly”. 439 more words