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Squat Max


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Maxed out on the squat to see where I’m at being 6 weeks out til the Texas State Meet in San Antonio. 139 more words

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History of Polo: The 20th Century

Polo in the 20th Century

As polo gained in popularity, the fields were better maintained and sideboards were introduced in an attempt to keep the ball in play and encourage the fluidity of the game.  2,332 more words



I will start this blog by saying that no trainer on the planet has not made mistakes.  We are humans and good trainers everywhere continually hone their skills and improve at their craft.   637 more words

A Foundation to Be Broken

In December I competed in my first federational powerlifting meet. I came second in my weight class and division but walked away with two PRs and two state records. 270 more words

Steel Magnolia

Training the Deadlift

6x3x205# Deadlift

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I’m diggin’ this new training program I’m on and about 7 weeks in.  I’m feeling really strong and progressing fast. 156 more words

Olympic Lifts & Powerlifting