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PR'd my walkout...like that's a thing...

Today was our final “heavy” squat day before the meet. From now on, we just work up to our planned openers – I’m pretty set on opening at 300. 388 more words

Bench PR!

Two bench workouts in a row, I’m finally hitting the weights I’m supposed to hit. Today was 2×2 at 5lb over my 1RM the program numbers were based on – 10lbs more than I pressed for 3×3 last week. 331 more words

Smashed every rep of every set. Apparently I'm getting stronger. 

FINALLY happy to report that for the first time in this entire meet prep, I made it through every rep of every set, at the programmed weights, exactly as written in the book today. 455 more words

Sometimes How You Feel Has Nothing To Do With How You Perform. For Better or Worse. 

Some days I walk into the gym feeling great. Well rested, well fed, no pain anywhere (okay, these days are rare), no tightness, no soreness, plenty of energy…and bomb lifts. 850 more words

Yay For Slingshots! Bench Day...

Today, I got to hold, and press, more weight than I’ve ever held in my hands before…thanks to my lovely Mark Bell Slingshot. Repped out 225 for a triple, then got 245 for one rep (which was also supposed to be a triple…but I got stapled on rep two). 111 more words

Little Things Make A Big Difference

FINALLY had a pretty kick ass lifting sesh today, and thank goodness for that as I’m not sure poor Anthony was going to survive another day of me failing lifts/breaking myself while training and getting all depressed about it. 334 more words

Back to Work...Some Progress

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali once said,

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a Champion’.” 600 more words