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Where's My Strength? Oh, there it is. 

Finally, a good lifting day again! Weeks 17 and 18 were awful: serious fatigue, creaky joints, seeming inability to contract any muscle – either the ones being trained, or my core to provide any kind of stability to support them. 355 more words

Did I Just Pull That?

Decent way to close out the week! Worked up to 82.5% 1RM (330lbs) plus 44lbs of chains to work on breakaway acceleration and lockouts – a total of 374lbs (only 11lbs sub-max ever)! 163 more words

First Trimester Over, Here Comes Super Strength! (I'm Waiting...)

I owe you all quite the blog entry, as it’s been about two weeks since I’ve written, and there has actually been stuff to write about. 1,009 more words

Into The Hole

I will never miss depth again. I will never miss depth again. I will never miss depth again.

The reality is that the bottom three inches of range of motion I need to achieve that depth lack the same strength development that the rest of my squat has had the opportunity to reach, as a result of not having trained that way. 1,314 more words

Next Journey: Powerlifting While Pregnant

The cat is out of the bag. We found out we would be adding another little lifter to the clan in early August, about six weeks before the USPA meet that we were in the middle of prep for. 585 more words

PR'd my walkout...like that's a thing...

Today was our final “heavy” squat day before the meet. From now on, we just work up to our planned openers – I’m pretty set on opening at 300. 388 more words

Bench PR!

Two bench workouts in a row, I’m finally hitting the weights I’m supposed to hit. Today was 2×2 at 5lb over my 1RM the program numbers were based on – 10lbs more than I pressed for 3×3 last week. 331 more words