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Brianne Thompson receives USPA regional achievement award.

USPA recognizes its members for contributions to the sport of skydiving and to USPA.
The Regional Achievement Award is to honor an outstanding member of a USPA Region who, by their efforts over a period of time or one outstanding act, has made a significant contribution to that region’s skydiving community. 45 more words


Watching My First Meet

We planned an entire vacation to the Gulf Coast in order to accommodate watching a USPA meet at Southern Elite Fitness. So far we’ve seen 7 women lift, including two who had well over 400lbs on their 3rd attempt just absolutely rock it out. 799 more words

Ladies Who Lift

Getting Stronger

​​Today, I started my block of 4-5×3 training on my lifts. It’s crazy to think that when I started powerlifting my squat max was 315 and I’m hitting 320 for sets of 3 so I’ve really came a long way. 110 more words


Nobody Remembers 2nd

Last weekend was an awesome learning experience for me as well as a great time for me to chat with some people who are similar to me in that they enjoy lifting heavy ass weights. 1,826 more words

Self Improvement

Who am I?

Hmm.. where to start? I’m not much for writing about myself or my life so this should be fun. I’m starting this blog because I thought sharing my journey through the fitness world would be beneficial to me to look back on and possibly you guys, since I’ve learned so much along the way and am still learning every single day. 532 more words



This is a really quick post to serve as some sort of update as well as an explanation for the radio silence (oops).

I submitted my dissertation document two days ago! 136 more words


The Case For Backyard Powerlifting Meets by John Greaves III

Powerlifting is both one of the most popular and one of the most obscure sports in America. It’s also not for everyone. Although a lot of us played around with some version of the three power lifts in middle or high school, most people are unfamiliar with the esoteric rules and guidelines governing sanctioned competition. 2,147 more words

The View From My End