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September 2 VJ-Day, 1945, Tokyo Bay, Japan

This forenoon, Japanese envoys, including their foreign minister, and representatives of the United Nations, including the Supreme Allied Commander, General of the Armies, Douglas McArthur, met together on board USS Missouri, and signed documents for the complete surrender of Japan & its empire. 115 more words

August 29 (Weds) 1945, Sagami Wan, Japan

Yesterday US Air Forces began taking over the airfields ashore. Transport aircraft have been crossing overhead all day. Anti-sabotage boat patrols are being maintained during the hours of darkness & double sentries armed with rifles & … 85 more words

August 27 (Mon) 1945, Sagami Wan, Japan

Defense watches closed up at dawn. The allied ships headed for Japan in the following order – USS Missouri (Admiral Halsey) & destroyers; HMS Duke of York (Admiral Frazer), and destroyers; TF 38.4 comprising Battleships, Cruisers & destroyers; and TF 37 in the rear. 158 more words

Photo of the Day – 14th of July 2017

A6M Zero about to strike the hull of USS Missouri, April 11th 1945 courtesy of r/colorizedhistory and Royston Colour 

Original photographer unknown.

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A date forever remembered - Part 3

Welcome to the 3rd and final part of the Pearl Harbor exploration! Parts 1 and 2 here.

Yes – it’s a horrendous picture, especially with it half wrapped up for restoration but it’s all I had! 573 more words

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Ship shape

Pearl Harbor Kiwanians maintain a piece of history.

Story by Sam Stall • Photos by Kent Nishimura

Thanks to a strange twist of fate, Kiwanian Kay Tokunaga has become something of an expert on battleship maintenance. 522 more words

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