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Gulag (1999)

Angus MacQueen’s epic three hour documentary depicts the legacy of the string of forced labour camps which Joseph Stalin constructed aloong the length of the Trans-Siberian railway. 820 more words

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Croatia: Communist Monument Dedicated to the Uprising of the People of Kordun and Banija (Petrova Gora)

During WWII, the fascist government of Croatia openly collaborated with the Nazi German regime, and began a racially motivated pogrom against ethnic Serbs. It is believed that Croatian fascists murdered around 500,000 ethnic Serbs in a purpose-bulit Concentration Camp. 100 more words

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The Central Front: 10 July, 1987 Part I

The watchword for GFSG’s newly installed army group commanders on 10 July was speed. The first day of the war had been a near disaster for Soviet and Warsaw Pact arms on the Central Front. 733 more words