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This particular Rustic Contemporary House Within the Forest Was created For A Family members In The ussr

This Traditional Modern Home In The Woodland Was Designed For the Family Within Russia | CONTEMPORIST

Photography simply by Ivan Ovchinnikov
BIO-architects possess designed this particular rustic…

The Soviet Web: The Tale Of How The USSR Almost Invented The internet

When brilliant Soviet cyberneticist Viktor Glushkov designed a blueprint for a computerised planning system, the Soviet Union looked on track to become web pioneers. In the end, however, there was to be no digital network.

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Pardon me!

When laws change, people who were once convicted as criminals are (sometimes) pardoned. We often find that just and necessary, like in the case of those convicted of homosexual acts when this was still a crime (which isn’t all that long ago), or those sentenced by previous dictatorial regimes. 100 more words


The Tensions Between Russia and the US Are Not a Historical By-Product

By Dmitry Minin | Strategic Culture

It is argued that the more conflicts nations have had with one another in the past (Ā«historical traumasĀ»), the more difficult it becomes to establish normal relations in the present. 1,519 more words

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Is Pence pessimistic about EU?

While “unwavering” in its support for Nato, vice-president Mike Pence was silent about the European Union at the Munich Security Conference.

#MSC2017 VP Pence brings a message from…

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english video archive #01: Kropotkin - The Coming Revolution

A short documentary film compiling the essential thoughts of anarchist-communism, in words of the Russian anarchist writer and revolutionary Piotr Kropotkin. It opens with a vague feeling that all forms of social arrangement must be questioned without any broad vision for what could replace it. 95 more words


"The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." - Lenin?

To this day, this quote, believed to have been said by Vladimir Lenin, is frequently used amongst socialist circles. It has also been attributed to Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin, amongst others. 336 more words