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“Israel’s” “Secret War” on Syria Is a Lot Like the US’ “Secret War” on Laos

Observers have been struggling to find an historical comparison for the War on Syria since it first broke out over 8 years ago, and while the conflict is veritably a unique one in its own right, the best comparison that can be made to its current phase over the past couple of years is Laos because of how “Israel’s” ongoing secret war on the Mideast country in the New Cold War somewhat mirrors the former campaign that the US waged on the Southeast Asian state in the Old Cold War. 1,272 more words


Magen David and Me

Marya Zilberberg | Longreads | February 2019 | 16 minutes (3,886 words)

​I don’t think my father ever took off his Star of David necklace from the day he put it on in the infancy of the Carter administration. 4,016 more words


Всадник без головы (1973)

This blog is dedicated to “unamerican” Western, and what could be more unamerican than a Russo-Cuban movie produced during the apex of the Cold War era? 7,793 more words


Russia Getting Vindication in Afghanistan -- "Historic victory for the Soviet Union achieved"

“Russia is reviving its Soviet past to justify its new opposition to the West.”

Soviet authorities themselves condemned the USSR’s bloody occupation of Afghanistan, but 30 years later some in Vladimir Putin’s Russia are coming to see the operation in a more positive light. 704 more words

Caleb Maupin: Is America The New Rome? A Socialist View

with Caleb Maupin
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Caleb Maupin (website)
Caleb Maupin (Facebook Page)
February 8, 2019

“Socialism is all about grit and struggle and sacrifice but it’s about building up, and building up your community, building up your world but doing it in a way that doesn’t come at the expense of somebody else!”

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Day 2.

It’s funny and impressive how much stuff can accumulate without you even trying hard. Got painting from my mum, so she gets percolator instead. Got those funny plates on the road trip to Middleburg; I suspect golden thread on the right was still made in USSR; Bye-bye my awesome backpack, we had an awesome festival life together. 6 more words