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Some Thoughts on Gorbachev, Politics and Falling in Love

He is so tired and has the weight of the world on his shoulders. If he could only take ten minutes out and just be Misha for a while. 473 more words

UK Politics

March 29th

On 29th of March 1990 the Czechoslovak Parliamentary embroiled in a so-called ‘”Hyphen War” over what the country should be called after 30 years as a Soviet satellite state. 427 more words

On This Day

A tale of another dystopia

The Red Coffin by Sam Eastland
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I read this book only three years ago, and could not remember it at all. 322 more words


Today's Theme Music

Today’s theme music streams in from the fall of the Berlin Wall and the massacre in Tienanmen Square.

The Berlin Wall wall was first a fence and then a guarded concrete wall. 259 more words

Pop Culture

Papers, Please

Welcome to Arstotzka!

A Communist state that has ended its six year war with a neighboring country Kolechia, somewhere around 1981-1982. You have been chosen to be the Inspector at the new border checkpoint opening up in Grestin, a border town that is the centre of the volatile relationship between Kolechians and Arstotzkians. 520 more words