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Marco Rubio doesn't talk like a robot. He talks like a Soviet newspaper.

One of the latest episodes in the absurd spectacle of the 2016 US Presidential race has been Marco Rubio’s repetitive speech tic. Word-for-word repetition of canned phrases in… 1,495 more words

 A Soviet snack bar for modern workers of today

Back in the USSR, they ate this snack. Sojove Rezy (meaning Soya slice, I’m told) has made it unchanged through glasnost, perestroika and the break-up of Czechoslovakia. 89 more words


I admit it.  It’s not the Marxist lovefest I expected.  

I went into Warren Beatty’s 1981 opus expecting it to be another Hollywood love letter to socialism.  1,130 more words


Black in USSR - children of soviet Russia search for their own identity

“When people ask me about my background I usually start by explaining how my mum is Russian, my dad is Ghanaian and that I was born in Bulgaria,” says the photographer Liz Johnson Artur. 165 more words


In celebration of Lev Yashin, the gentleman in black

THERE HAVE BEEN MANY LEGENDARY GOALKEEPERS in the history of the game. They range from the sober, colder types to the theatrical, colourful types and everything in between. 1,779 more words


All the Reasons: Why Freedom Fighters 2 should be a thing.

Warning: This article will contain spoilers for major plot-points of the 2003 EA video game release ‘Freedom Fighters’. If you haven’t played it; I recommend you do that before reading this article. 3,133 more words

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