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Liberal Michael Moore Continues to Show Ignorance

We’ve all heard the advice, “Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”  It seems filmmaker and liberal Michael Moore missed receiving that helpful tidbit or ignores it since he continues to open his mouth in ignorance.  1,215 more words

In Depth: The KGB's long history of running agents in Israel

Researchers, historians, Shin Bet counter-espionage operatives and even the broader public did not need Israeli daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot’s exposé this week about Israeli Soviet spies in order to know that Soviet intelligence tried and succeeded in penetrating into the heart of Israel’s diplomatic-security-intelligence establishment. 1,615 more words

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Millennials and "unnatural" deaths under Stalin

I received this communication yesterday:

This almost comically red-baiting story seems to be making the rounds on the Internet:

Without in any way wishing to absolve Stalin of anything, it seems to me the framing here needs rebutting — viz., the article’s implicit assumption that the deaths for which Stalin was directly and indirectly responsible are more attributable to “the idea of communism” as such, than they are to “a disastrous and abortive attempt at realizing the idea of communism, by a monstrous lunatic, in a world dominated by other monstrous lunatics who will do absolutely everything in their power to fucking take you down if you even *think* about realizing the idea of communism in their fucking playground, you motherfucking pinko commie bastard.” Or words to that effect. 2,026 more words


54 Years Ago: When the U.S. Nearly Started a Nuclear War

As this week’s final presidential debate revealed once again, U.S. conflict with Vladimir Putin and the Soviets seems to be heightening nearly every day. Soon it might be dubbed “Cold War II” or “Superpower Showdown, the Sequel.” While the global stakes may seem smaller than in the original confrontation, it’s worth remembering that both sides retain thousands of nuclear warheads, and they are still targeted on the other side. 992 more words


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