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Post-Soviet Snags

I like obscure conflicts in Command, even hypothetical ones.

However, there’s one (not insurmountable, but still present) issue I’ve fond with would-be post Soviet conflicts. The issue comes from the Soviet-era force structures. 80 more words


The Most Recognizable Photograph in the World

There is a finite number of photographs in the World that fulfill both of the following two criteria: they are the most easily recognizable by those who have seen them before, and they have been exposed to a considerable part of the World population. 189 more words


Afghanistan as "University of Jihad"

From Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century, by Christian Caryl (Basic Books, 2014), Kindle Loc. 6410-6454:

The mujahideen struggle against the Soviets—a struggle that ultimately ended with a humiliating retreat for the forces of Moscow—filled Muslims around the world with pride.

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The Battle of Stalingrad... and before 

Right Stalingrad, yes, that infamous battle, where two armies of major empires clashed in brutal street to street fighting, the David and Goliath of the modern era. 1,748 more words


Mother and Son

Mother and Son
After the arrest,
not a word is said of her,
and he is sent away
to an orphanage
from which
he eventually escapes, 117 more words