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Digong unqualified for President

Two student leaders from the University of Santo Tomas are convinced that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is unqualified to hold the presidential seat after his rape joke video went viral a few days ago. 354 more words

Zika confirmed in PH

Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) Deputy Director Ferchito Avelino confirmed that the Zika is present in the Philippines and encourages the Filipino youth to divert from the ‘old ways’ due to the other possible diseases that might arise this season. 1,124 more words

Will I be accepted in Med School if I have failures?

I always see this question in forums and I must admit that I searched it online a couple of times before. A lot of replies would say that they had a classmate or they themselves failed one or two subjects and was still accepted in Medical School. 317 more words


The Six-Year Relationship That's About to End

I can hear my heart shatter in to pieces every time I think of leaving you.

It never crossed my mind this lingering relationship would last this long. 316 more words



1. As every schoolboy knows – must be something known only to graybeard academics
a. Origin – this phrase was a Macaulay original, but Mark Liberman at Language Log traced it all the way back to 1783, in Hugh Blair’s Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres… 2,438 more words


1 .A cappella – without instrumental music
2. A fortiori – with greater reason or more convincing force — used in drawing a conclusion that is inferred to be even more certain than another <the man of prejudice is, a fortiori, a man of limited mental vision. 3,209 more words


1. Abate – to make or become less; to end
2. Aberrant – a mental or moral lapse; deviating from the usual or natural type… 2,229 more words