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Wraith Usul

I’ve been playing Neopets for many many years now and just recently I was really lucky to get ahold of a Wraith Usul and their designs are super cute and fun! 17 more words

The Reality of Gradualism from an Islamic Perspective - By Sheikh Ali Abu Hasan

A Circle delivered by The Late Sheikh Imam Abul Hassan (May Allah rest his soul), Member of Hizb ut Tahrir and Imam of Masjid as Sahabah in Khartoum, Sudan. 4,037 more words

Usul Ul_fiqh

Mufti's Task - Rule #6 - Answering Questions (Qawaid and Usul)

If the Mufti takes up the challenge of answering NEW Question due to possessing the correct level of expertise and knowledge, he MUST give detailed legal reasoning for arriving at the rule 302 more words


Usul #1: Ağır Zeybek

From now and on, I will be collecting and notating the usuls that I come across. Zeybek is one of the slowest dances in Turkey. This usul is transcribed by Okan Murat Öztürk, but I made minor changes. 132 more words


Know This...

No matter how bad things get, or seem to be getting, no matter how dark the dark actually gets…


Usul no longer needs the weirding module.

And that’s huge.

For The Benefit Of Mankind

AYM'den elektrik piyasası mevzuatında değişiklik

Anayasa Mahkemesi, Elektrik Piyasası Kanunu’nun bazı maddelerini iptal etti. Konunun önemine binaen, öncelikle iptali istenen maddeleri aşağıda sıralayalım:

  • 4. maddesinin (3) numaralı fıkrasının son cümlesini,
  • 929 more words
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