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Gold as medieval cryptographic paper

An important feature of cryptography is authentication: the ability to verify that a document comes from who it claims to come from and has the authority it claims to have. 373 more words


Usury, Jews, and libertine cruelty

In retrospect I suppose it is odd that this hasn’t come up before; but it isn’t the sort of angle I’d thought to raise myself.  That’s just not how my mind works. 531 more words


Gottfried Feder - National Social economist

Gottfried Feder – Social National economist anti Jewish Zionism..

(1) nationalization of banks and the issuance of debt-free money;
(2) institution of a monetary work standard; 3,749 more words

Eastasian history

Catholic usury apologists find themselves in a bind, locked in a box of cognitive dissidence.

If any moral doctrine of the Church is simple and infallible, it is the condemnation of… 308 more words

Moral Theology

Drowning in Debt

The church never changes, claim the die-hard traditionalists. Well, that’s only partly accurate. Without touching the basic tenets of our faith as stated in the Creed, the Christian tradition has changed enormously over time.  802 more words

The financial nanny state

Some folks seem to think that in suggesting that people are responsible for preserving their own property, from which it follows that they should not put their life savings into property they don’t personally understand (and instead should put their savings into property that they do personally understand), I am demonstrating a lack of empathy. 128 more words

Seeds of entitlement planted on fertile ground

Entitled Eddie: “It is terribly unfair that inflation erodes the purchasing power of bank deposits.  A dollar today just doesn’t buy what it used to buy.” 327 more words

Political Theory