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August 30, 1794: Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

In the late 1800s, many of the unfortunates who found themselves in English prisons were there as a result of debts they could not pay. Benjamin Pope had a different story; he found his way to prison for a debt he could easily have paid. 249 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Jason Erb on Business Game Changers with Sarah Westall

I was a guest on Sarah Westall’s Business Game Changers show.

From the show description:

Business Game Changers – Is it Time for a new Philosophy regarding Currencies and Economics? 91 more words

An (Unsurprising?) Exemption from Catholic Usury Rules

 were each excused from any taint of usury under Catholic doctrine. Since land and houses were productive assets it was not considered usurious to collect a return on the ownership of them, and there were no limitations on the amount of this return. 34 more words

Middle Ages

Dragon Comics 111

This letter really did come in the mail today. That’s crazy to me. I don’t get as many credit card solicitations per week as I used to when I had a job, or even when I didn’t have a job but the economy was great, but I still get a lot. 312 more words


Retailer That Overcharged, Then Sued Military Personnel Is Going Out Of Business

A year ago, Virginia-based USA Discounters was in the spotlight after the supposedly discount retailer — which had several locations adjoining military bases and directly marketed its financing to servicemembers — was… 582 more words

The danger of dealing with interest...

Assalam alaykum,

Allah  in Quran Chapter 2 (Al-Baqara)Verse 275 says:

Those who consume interest cannot stand except as one stands who is being beaten by Satan into insanity. 162 more words


If you need to borrow money in a hurry, no problem

It is easy enough for even the most impoverished Cambodian to borrow, say, $10,000, in the event of an emergency such as an arrest that requires bail, a fire that damages a house or shop, or a medical issue. 599 more words