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Seeds of entitlement planted on fertile ground

Entitled Eddie: “It is terribly unfair that inflation erodes the purchasing power of bank deposits.  A dollar today just doesn’t buy what it used to buy.” 327 more words


How to determine the price you are sold for in the slave market

Your personal price as a chattel slave, in dollar terms, is reflected in your credit rating. In this post I will outline a proposed methodology for calculating the price that you are currently selling for in the chattel slave market. 563 more words


Blood money, digital fool's gold, and the second law of thermodynamics

The subject of money is pervaded by all sorts of unreal mysticisms.  If you want to better understand economic reality it is important to hunt down these unreal mysticisms in your mind and kill them. 1,237 more words


Los Angeles County Takes Stand Against Predatory Payday, Car Title, Installment Lending Practices, Urges Strong CFPB Rules

Editor’s note: If your organization would like to support strong consumer protections being included in the new CFPB rules for payday, car title, and high-cost installment loans, please contact Liana Molina (liana AT calreinvest.org) at CRC and she can help.   1,232 more words

California Reinvestment Coalition News

Cryptocurrency as cuck finance, or, promises made by Pokemon

This blog is syndicated into a few feeds here and there, and I sometimes read and very occasionally comment on other blog posts in those feeds. 534 more words


Sex and the 'single' banker

True, the church banned usury, and indeed, it took time for the realization to emerge that charging interest is not always tantamount to usury.

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Moral Theology

"In Confusion, There Is Profit!"

The readings for the class thus far call to mind an array of ideas about the development of the “complex social logic” that is capitalism.  I have focused on Stearn’s  1,511 more words