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Money-changers in the Temple

By Adam Zens

“The Bible is dangerously sharp and hits us where it hurts the most, pulling us out of our comfort zone and dissecting our conscience like a living scalpel.”—Paraphrase of Hebrews 4:12. 665 more words

Conquering the Spirit of Debt (48:56)

This amazing sermon given in Sept 2003 by Pastor Rod Parsley at Breakthrough Church in Columbus Ohio.


Imperial Japan: Usury, Banking Reform & The Path To War

Today, Japan is a world superpower. They are the most powerful democratic state in their region of influence, they have the third largest GDP in the world after the USA and China, and they are one of the most, if not the most technologically advanced societies in the world. 1,637 more words


England's Jews, Part 1: Usury, Expulsions and William of Orange

(Pictured: King Offa of Mercia, who banned Usury in AD 787).

The story of Jews in England is a long and fascinating one, for they hold the accolade of residing in this country longer than any other non-indigenous tribe. 2,813 more words


Six Myths about Money and the Banking System

How is money created? If you ask average people on the street this question, most of them have absolutely no idea. This is rather odd, because we all use money constantly. 631 more words


Money Monopoly

What is the Mother of All Economic Injustice?

Usury is the culprit. Usury and monopoly. If Mr. Trump doesn’t tackle this, we’ll certainly remain in trouble. 215 more words


One is no Socialist to agree with the following

Pope Pius XI Warned of International Finance; Grave Dangers of ‘Economic Domination’ Accumulated In the Hands Of the Elite Few

He warned in Quadragesimo Anno of the dangers of international finance controlling credit, crushing competition and families. 983 more words