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Profiting from decay

Why doesn’t the mutuum borrower owe at least enough interest to compensate for inflation?

It is often said that money now is worth more than money later, and a common argument is that this justifies charging interest on mutuum loans: at least enough interest to compensate for the effects of inflation or currency devaluation. 490 more words


Capitulation to revision

I’ve made a few more revisions to the Usury FAQ, adding questions 50 and 51. (UPDATE: and now 52, as well as some tweaks here and there which have been eating at the back of my brain for a while). 76 more words


48 on the fifth

I added Question 48 to the Usury FAQ. A number of times folks have cited the Fifth Lateran Council as casting doubt on whether things like fixed income investments for profit (e.g. 38 more words


Market Price as Unjust

One of the contentions I ocassionaly hear is that the market price is generally the just price. I’m not sure what the principles or arguments that establish this but it seems reasonable. 159 more words


Steep growth of wealth inequality due to money as debt and usury - YouTube

Janssen Report

Today on The Janssen Report: Oxfam Novib just released their annual study on global wealth inequality showing a staggering growth in the gap between the richest and the poorest on this planet. 24 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Testimony from California Reinvestment Coalition on Consumer Loans

Editor’s note:  On January 11th, the California Assembly Committee on Banking and Finance held a hearing, “Small Dollar Consumer Lending in California.”

Paulina Gonzalez’ testimony is featured in its entirety below.   1,055 more words

California Reinvestment Coalition News

Horton hears a homicide

In fact, body and soul are inseparable: in the person, in the willing agent and in the deliberate act, they stand or fall together. – …

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