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Money Monopoly

What is the Mother of All Economic Injustice?

Usury is the culprit. Usury and monopoly. If Mr. Trump doesn’t tackle this, we’ll certainly remain in trouble. 203 more words

One is no Socialist to agree with the following

Pope Pius XI Warned of International Finance; Grave Dangers of ‘Economic Domination’ Accumulated In the Hands Of the Elite Few

He warned in Quadragesimo Anno of the dangers of international finance controlling credit, crushing competition and families. 983 more words

Usury & Alternatives to Usury, Part 1: The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at The Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin

Were you taught about usury in public school?

Did your instructors explain how the Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve?
It took c. 10 years to pay off the school loans for my B.A. 659 more words


Gold as medieval cryptographic paper

An important feature of cryptography is authentication: the ability to verify that a document comes from who it claims to come from and has the authority it claims to have. 373 more words


Usury, Jews, and libertine cruelty

In retrospect I suppose it is odd that this hasn’t come up before; but it isn’t the sort of angle I’d thought to raise myself. ┬áThat’s just not how my mind works. 531 more words


Gottfried Feder - National Social economist

Gottfried Feder – Social National economist anti Jewish Zionism..

(1) nationalization of banks and the issuance of debt-free money;
(2) institution of a monetary work standard; 3,749 more words

Eastasian history

Catholic usury apologists find themselves in a bind, locked in a box of cognitive dissidence.

If any moral doctrine of the Church is simple and infallible, it is the condemnation of… 308 more words

Moral Theology