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Burning old love letters

I first ‘met’ occasional commenter and current knight-of-the-blogroll Semiotic Animal in the comment boxes of the Acton Institute.  It appears though that the entire comment thread at Acton was deleted, at some point: at least I don’t see any comments when I call up the… 114 more words


Dorothy Day, briefly, on Usury

“The Money is Not Ours”

City Treasurer: Dear Sir,

We are returning to you a check for $3,579.39 which represents interest on the $68,700 which we were awarded by the city as payment for the property at 223 Chrystie Street, which we owned and lived in for almost ten years, and used as a community for the poor.

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We are all Jesuits now

LMS Chairman writes:

The practice in Confession of not absolving unrepentent sinners is intrinsically related to its nature as established by Divine Law.

There is a problem with this view though.

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Ode To Debt (18+)

Come, my love, my dove, & pour
From thy cup the serpent wine
Brimmed & breathless -secret store
Of my crimson concubine
Surfeit spirit in the shrine- 1,518 more words


"Perhaps It Is Not An Accident"

I feel sure that with a little more experience we shall use the new-found bounty of nature quite differently from the way in which the rich use it to-day, and will… 1,859 more words


Just titles to contraception and adultery, or, Reddit where Reddit is due

can also recognize with sincerity and honesty what for now is the most generous response which can be given to God, and come to see with a certain moral security that …

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It may be of interest to History buffs, but also to atheists, non-atheists and Believers on the Brink, to discover what the exiled Emperor told his physician, Dr Barry O’Meara, on St Helena, about his ideas on religion.  622 more words