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The Law of Debt Slavery

After the latest revelations in the HSBC scandal, there has finally been renewed debate over whether bankers should be allowed to escape punishment so easily. 297 more words


Corrupt Hackney police celebrate Bonehill arrest with Shomrim Police over cake

The blatancy of the Jewish infiltration of Hackney police became all the more evident upon the releasing of a photograph purporting to show both the Shomrim Police and Hackney police celebrating my arrest. 228 more words

Joshua Bonehill

Make a Withdrawal

Q: What are banks for?

A: To make money.

Q: For the customers?

A: For the banks.

Q: How do banks make money?

A: Customers lend it to them, and they lend it to other customers, each time charging interest. 205 more words

Breaking The Overcode

Liberate Stamford Hill: The Regeneration of British Nationalism

Whilst Liberate Stamford Hill will firstly and formally be a demonstration against the illegal and undemocratic shomrim police operating within the area of Hackney, Liberate will also be something much more important. 2,552 more words

Joshua Bonehill

Financial Exploitation of Communities of Color

Dream 2015 is a shocking new report describing the systematic impoverishment of people of color. By denying them access to banking services (eg checking accounts to cash their pay checks), Wall Street forces them to rely on fringe financial services, such as check cashing outlets, payday loans and auto title lenders. 522 more words

The Global Economic Crisis