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Noonan V - Titles To Payment

  • Chapter 5 has a lot going on so it’ll take some time to work through.
  • Noonan introduces the chapter by reminding us that, “theologians recognized from the beginning that the usury law, like most laws, permitted exceptions,” (pg 100) that is when theologians declared something intrinsically evil or evil under all circumstance they meant it is not evil under certain circumstances.
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Usury is bad business. Usury is good business.

It is worth emphasizing that personal guarantees on invested capital (usury) are indeed very bad business in entrepreneurship, where capital and labor/expertise come together to produce… 110 more words


Usury: A Real Life Dialogue

Semiotic Animal: Hey, I’ve got an idea to walk you through. (Let’s see if I can put usury in terms a modern finance guy will understand.) 646 more words


Mowing the bread

Can you licitly contract with a borrower, “I will give you this sack of flour for a sack of the same size plus one dollar, payable tomorrow?” 200 more words


Please don't eat my car

In the comments to the post below, Bedarz lliachi writes:

I understand and appreciate the point – the lender merely gets the borrower’s pledge.

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Noonan Notes IV - Back to the Sentences

  • Now we return once again to Noonan’s interpretation of Aquinas’ Commentary on the Sentences.
  • Noonan takes the opportunity to write that Aquinas “reproduces the hoary Roman-law point that in a…
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You can buy the wine but I'll keep the refreshment

A usurer attempts to sell some actual property to a “borrower” while retaining the potential for profit which inheres in that actual property.

The borrower in a… 236 more words