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You Can't Rent Money

There is some tendency among defenders of loaning at interest to describe it as merely the renting of money. After all, they say, interest is merely charging for money while the lender (the creditor) is deprived of its use. 1,919 more words

Intellectual Weaponry

Chai With My Bhai - Student Loans

I know Imran ibn Mansur is not everyone’s cup of tea, however this angle of looking at the intention of the loan company is really a killer point on the whole student loan debate which has been ongoing for the past few years in the UK


The right to life, liberty, and cows

Modern people have been trained by centuries of usury (among other things) to have a hard time distinguishing between an actual thing and the mere idea of a thing. 585 more words

A moral theory of general relativity

In this post I will argue that usury is worse than adultery in an important sense.

First we need some background.

We distinguish between what we call venial matter and grave matter (mortally… 852 more words

Moral Theology

At least there are no hobgoblins

Following Denzinger, The Summa Theologiae, and De Malo, one of the most useful resources on the subject of usury is John Noonan’s book… 579 more words

Moral Theology

Usury: Destroyer of Nations


The oligarchs always use capitalism to suppress the poor and the needy. They always use ambiguous phrases such as “economic freedom” or “economic exchange” in order to sneak in usurious contracts into the economic equation. 45 more words

The Jewish Problem

God Forgives: An Exegesis of Koran 3:129-136

Now, I want to do an exegesis on another passage from the Koran — Surah 3:129-136. This passage contains some good moral teaching plus promises of eternal bliss for those who believe in God and obey Him. 10,650 more words