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Published on Mar 14, 2015

We hear about the economy and the “recession” in the media, but do any of the commentators stop and try to explain the whole picture? 73 more words


THE MOTHER OF ALL MONOPOLY: The Perpetual, Intrinsic Evil Of Moneylending

Periodically, typically only in the throes and writhings of economic catastrophe, society decries the greedy evilness of usurers and of those financial pirates and gamblers who would wildly speculate with the wealth so hard-earned by the real producers of a civilization’s prosperity.   802 more words

Economic Theory

Federal Reserve Conspiracy Documentary

(I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized)

Modern History

Polygamist critique of usury (English Edition)

Usury is indeed an unethical practice; The unethical nature of such a practice is manifest in how it is used to make marriage expenses increasingly hard to pay off; I’ve noticed how such a practice has been growing wherever there’s legislators imposing denial of traditional polygamy rights; It wouldn’t be a stretch to say such legislators have made people easy prey for such an unethical practice; Luckily, I’m well-prepared for confronting sneaky people attempting usury as a weapon against my polygamist activism.


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Society, prison and anti-Semitism in Victorian fiction

This is a slight departure from my usual post, because I am not here going to recommend any particular novel for a place on your ‘must read list’. 1,628 more words

Some random topics to think about these few weeks

Probably due to my living condition (staying alone), I can allocate time to think about various things in church, society and family. This thing, if done in moderation, is a good thing as long as you do not try to be too strict or judgmental in order to be perfect. 1,024 more words