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Marketing Workshop-April 30th 2017

How to grow and make money with your Business

Marketing workshop

April 30th 2017


I think one of the things I hate most is seeing others fail when I know all they need is a little more information and to do a few things. 713 more words

On Either Side the Mournful Road


‘On Either Side the Mournful Road’

Camera: Olympus Pen-FT
Film: Polypan F (x-2006); 100iso
Process: Xtol 1+1; 7mins

Kodachrome Basin, Utah


Utah Court reaches to find a boat renter liable when a boat sinks on Lake Powell due to high winds

The Federal District Court found the boat rental operation was negligent to defeat damages defenses provided by admiralty law. Causation, the relationship between what the defendant did and the accident giving rise to the claim seems to be stretched in this case. 3,202 more words

Case Analysis

A Break in the Case! China Nite - Ogden, Utah

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Based on the research I’ve conducted, ownership of the land on which China Nite once stood traces back to a Washington Terrace address. 385 more words


Bring Back the Nite! China Nite - Ogden, UT

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What was once the China Nite restaurant on 2783 Washington Boulevard in Ogden, Utah is now a vacant plot of dirt with a for sale sign near the curb. 449 more words


4/59 - Capitol Reef National Park | 09.25.16

Ah, Capitol Reef. <3 We’ve passed through Capitol Reef several times (many times, for me) since our first visit, but only stopped once very briefly to shamelessly collect a stamp at the Visitor Center and continue on our way. 586 more words


19/59 - Canyonlands National Park | 09.25.16

I’ll admit it. We definitely shortchanged Canyonlands on this trip. So much of what’s amazing about this park is in the backcountry, the wilderness, the “inaccessible.” And we didn’t have a lot of time for any sort of backcountry excursions here this time around, but I needed to go there. 783 more words