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System selecting wrong time due to not UTC

The problem

I use kickstart files to configure my CentOS 7 virtual machines. One problem I discovered is that the vms can get the wrong time from the hwclock. 155 more words

Cooper's Hawk

I entered the kitchen and glanced out at the pecan tree, as I often do, though not expecting anything other than perhaps a white-wing or a squirrel at this time of year, and there it was. 74 more words

Galveston Birds

How to calculate the current UTC Time Zone from Navision?

There was a case where i need to get this kind of output hh:mm:ssZ where Z stands for UTC Time Zone (20:15:00+0200) to the external system for integration. 203 more words

Regional Settings

Women in Motorsport - Julia Schumacher

In November 2016, Julia Schumacher became the Director of Business Growth for the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA). The MIA is the world’s leading trade association for the motorsport, high performance engineering, services and tuning sectors. 1,624 more words


Your Baker Clause school CEIAG policy guide

Exams are looming and the summer break is peaking over the horizon so nobody working in schools needs anything extra to do but I’m going to make a suggestion of something that CEIAG leads should consider getting sorted if not before the end of term, then very quickly in the new academic year. 1,554 more words

CEIAG Policy

Police Update on Motives of Shooting in University City

Councilmember Bry D-1 File Picture

Chief Zimmerman and Mayor Faulconer File Picture.

May 1, 2017 (San Diego) San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman updated the community on the motives for the shooting at the Crossroads apartments in University City. 366 more words

"November Charlie"

“I had said I would stop baptizing ‘things’, but this one; she even has a surname.
“November Charlie”.”


There is nothing amazing about this watch. 1,009 more words

Student CB