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Options Trading Leads To The Good Life

Like the best cooking recipes life is best made from scratch.  In 3 short days I will be pushing my protege from the nest to pursue her dreams while I move on the constant quest to create my tiny personal empire.   230 more words

Falmouth Cutter 22

The Pile That Never Quits

This mess is currently sitting in my kitchen/dining room, waiting for me.  This is my pile of projects that need to be completed before I start anything new.  576 more words


PNW Part 4 (Seattle Underground)

***Thank you, Bill Speidel, for featuring this blog post on your Facebook wall and mentioning it on Twitter!***

Pioneer Square is the area of Seattle where the original settlers built their businesses and homes, and the… 604 more words


Untap, Upkeep, [B]ra

Allow me to rely, for a few moments, on gender stereotypes.

I’ve recently entered the ranks of the Lady Planeswalker Society—I am a female identifying player of Magic: the Gathering. 526 more words


Kiltjoy Was Here

The kilt as we know it, according to your friend and mine the Encyclopedia Britanica, was developed in Scotland in the 17th century. Before that, the Scots apparently had to wear sheep. 861 more words

Observation Deck

Feeling Cocky...

News flash…I have a penis.  I also have testicles.  These go along with being a biological, cisgendered male.  My genitals are fully functional, I see them every day. 727 more words