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Instant Merchant - Goonie

If you are looking for the vendor to sell your goods whether stolen or not, this is the one to summon. Goonie carries 20,000 gold, sells different items plus never blink an eye when you pawn off stolen items. 165 more words

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Pocket Chest

The second mod in our featured series is another by Crimson Blade that has once again magically disappeared from Nexus and Steam. It is very handy to have since you can stop anywhere in Skyrim, open the chest then transfer items into it then keep going. 135 more words

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Pocket Workstation

We wanted to highlight three mods that are valuable for travelers who tend to avoid the cities and villages. These mods make life so much easier because you can perform functions anywhere and anytime. 240 more words

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The Combination to Lockpicking

Ah yes, picking locks in Skyrim is probably the hardest thing on one’s eyes. Young or old alike understand how tired the eyes can get staring at the boring lock while struggling to pick that Master level. 65 more words

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The Silent Hero

There are authors that don’t get the recognition they deserve due to the type of mods they release.  Some mods are always part of our load orders because they provide a change within the game that we felt necessary to have. 75 more words

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Will CMA Plans Stimulate Energy Competition in the UK?

This week the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced the results of an 18-month investigation into competition in the UK energy market. The main headline concludes that customers are… 553 more words

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A Maze Zing

“We have a request for our assistance, sir.” Winston stood smartly before Indigoblade’s desk holding the latest message in his hands.

Indigoblade beamed as he relished in the moment of “no complaints”, “Even in the sea of reports about my OBIS agents working the field pouring in, there are always others is need of our help. 550 more words

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