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A Maze Zing

“We have a request for our assistance, sir.” Winston stood smartly before Indigoblade’s desk holding the latest message in his hands.

Indigoblade beamed as he relished in the moment of “no complaints”, “Even in the sea of reports about my OBIS agents working the field pouring in, there are always others is need of our help. 550 more words

Elder Scrolls

No Furniture Activation While Sneaking

Agent Lurren taps Thrynn on the shoulder and whispers, “What are you doing?”

“Sitting at the table.”

“We are sneaking here, you can’t just sit down whenever you feel like it! 101 more words

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Utilities keep pace

Looking for strategies as the world goes solar

Part of any business’s foresight is the ability to accommodate the evolving technological and economical world around it. 424 more words

Direct And Current

Jaxonz Smart Looter

There are just some mods you just don’t want but can’t live with it and this is one. We use it in every game for harvesting, fishing and books because it’s just one mod you learn to use wisely.  144 more words

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FISS stands for FileAccess Interface for Skyrim Script and it’s a very nifty little feature that is overlooked by modders who use MCM menu in their design. 66 more words

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Take Notes

Part of the love for Skyrim is the adventuring is never the same each time you play. That is true whether you use mods or not. 85 more words

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SkyUI improves upon the standard UI in a stylish and sleek mod for Skyrim with many advanced features. The authors maintained the feel of original menu while expanding upon features and options for more flexibility.  99 more words

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