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A brief story….

A team found that many of their impediments and problems with delivery were caused by a lack of access to IT operations or lack of responsiveness, they requested a member of the IT operations team be co-located with (and become part of) the delivery team. 952 more words

Agile Coach

Blind Faith: The Hidden Costs of Capacity Overutilization

In the March/April Cost Management, Dr. CJ McNair-Connolly, an internationally-recognized expert in cost management, and Charles Thomas explore the role played by escalating marginal costs of disruption as capacity utilization moves beyond specified limits.  103 more words


Contraception Demonstration Proper VCF Utilization

The Birth control method Film will be manually put high in to the vagina simply by either companion.
First a person fold the particular film by 50 %. 34 more words



동시성 프로그램의 이해
– Message passing으로 grid solver 구현하기. 전체 행렬 A를 공유할 수는 없음. 프로세스별로 나누어 처리하도록 해야 한다. Ghost row는 실제로 해당 프로세스가 갖고 있는 row는 아니지만, 다른 프로세스에서 처리한 것을 임시로 저장하기 위한 버퍼로 사용하는 것. 102 more words

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Understanding The Cloud

For the last couple of years the IT industry has been getting excited and energized about Cloud. Large IT companies and consultancies have spent, and are spending, billions of dollars, pounds and yen investing in Cloud technologies. 3,428 more words

Cloud Computing

Raise Your Voice

Earlier this week I took a sick leave. During this sick leave, I got a call around 11 in the morning and this assistant manager I work with (the 25 year old fucktard) dumps a load of work on me, accompanied with his usual douchiness. 443 more words