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What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is gathering, managing and analyzing data that is vital for the survival of business in this current hyper-competitive environment (Thomas, 2001 & Vuori, 2006). 699 more words

Business Intelligence

A systematic approach to beginning a lean project

Let’s use an example, let’s say I’ve been asked to increase the efficiency of a cell in a manufacturing plant as it’s currently loss making. I’ve been informed that its costs are mainly associated with manning and the amount of hours it takes to complete a product. 1,072 more words

Lean Manufacturing

Delivering nutrients to your body

The intake of nutrition is important because the molecules are vital. Natural fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes etc. all contain essential raw vitamins and minerals that are not found elsewhere. 114 more words


Disk Utilization of VCSA 6 is 80%

There are scenarios where the VCSA partitions will become highly utilized time to time,

The current scenario is  /dev/sda3 11G 8.3G 1.9G 82%  reached 82 % . 125 more words


How to Correctly Build Credit with a Credit Card

Building credit with a credit card sounds like common sense, right? Get approved for a credit card, use it, then pay off the balance on time and never allow it to over your limit. 1,483 more words

Personal Finance

I think you are missing the point...

A brief story….

A team found that many of their impediments and problems with delivery were caused by a lack of access to IT operations or lack of responsiveness, they requested a member of the IT operations team be co-located with (and become part of) the delivery team. 952 more words

Agile Coach

Blind Faith: The Hidden Costs of Capacity Overutilization

In the March/April Cost Management, Dr. CJ McNair-Connolly, an internationally-recognized expert in cost management, and Charles Thomas explore the role played by escalating marginal costs of disruption as capacity utilization moves beyond specified limits.  103 more words