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Beginners lesson on how to scale your Website?

So, what is Application Scalability?

When your website gets too much traffic(requests per minute or queries per second) which makes the website process the requests slowly and sometimes results in crashing of the… 753 more words


Rising Inventive Strategies In Digital Magazines : Interactive Magazine

On the off chance that you are hoping to put your digital magazine on the guide, it might be a great opportunity to venture up your diversion and grasp the developing imaginative strategies that are changing ordinary advanced magazines to Interactive examples of overcoming adversity. 721 more words

1141 Time Vs. Life Management

Time is well managed itself.
Time cannot be manage,
is necessary to manage
life according to the time.
Manage the activities of life
to minimize wast of time for… 123 more words


GST TIP – 446

As per the new features released in the GSTN portal, at the time of utilization of the input tax credits, if there is any shortage of the input tax credit, the challan will be created directly with the amount of the tax payable by the taxpayer.

CMA Bhogavalli Mallikarjuna Gupta

Community Groundwater Management

Groundwater is ever depleting globally which is of concern, because of the life and livelihoods of people especially in the semiarid and arid parts of the world increasingly dependent on the groundwater. 807 more words

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GST TIP - 440

As per the new features released in the GSTN portal, the amount of utilization will be auto populated in the utilization section and based on that the taxpayer can submit it or the amounts can be overwritten by the taxpayer.

CMA Bhogavalli Mallikarjuna Gupta

Beckett Springs - Utilization Review Specialist


Ask Us Why 96% Of Our Patients Recommend Us To Others Who Need Care

Ask Us Why Our Employee Engagement Survey Scores Are So High… 340 more words

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