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hospital profitability

The success or failure of hospital profitability in the coming years will depend on a continued fluctuation between revenues and costs. What are your thoughts about the impact of cash flow forecasting in hospitals based on utilization, physician competition, technology, cost of providing care, and hospital spending on organizational success?

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In California, What's Driving the Variation in Total Cost of Care — Volume or Price?


As the “repeal and replace” debate continues in Washington over the future of the Affordable Care Act, policymakers considering new legislation should not lose sight of the key concept of the ACA — affordability. 689 more words

Find the most memory consuming process

Execute the following command to get a list of most memory consuming processes:

ps aux  | awk '{print $6/1024 " MB\t\t" $11}'  | sort -n

Armoured vehicle utilization

Armoured vehicles mentioned here are outlined in this link:


Heavy tanks’ primary purpose is to punch holes in enemy defences. Secondary role is that of a direct fire support for infantry. 1,518 more words


Trick to Purge/Clean Swap Usage on AIX

And, “of course” after solving what was using to much swap space, you got already a good space that needs to be free, well, we’re here to do the trick! 102 more words


Watch: How to make a good Time Table for study

Do you face difficulty is managing time and scheduling important things? To help you out, ExamFear has come up with a new video which tells you how to make an effective Time Table.

Watch it now


Principles of Maximizing Profitability

There may not be a more fundamentally important topic for consulting firms than improving profits.

Shareholders ultimately want a return on their investment and buyers are looking for evidence of healthy growth, while strong profitability is required to sustain growth and equity realization. 776 more words