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Oftentimes,it saddens my heart whenever i hear it all over the places or even happened to have been a witness to cases of infidelity in relationships.Very common among most cases;A prospective or active cheating partner would usually create-out and feed their own mind with the excuse of;not gaining some imaginable wild form of sexual satisfaction from their partner in a bid to ward-off any sense of guilt that may be arising from their own conscience. 105 more words

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Maximize Online Marketing Techniques Through Utilization of Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just one of many online marketing techniques that have brought good results to businesses and organizations trying to improve their visibility online. 120 more words


Five layers for data utilization in your organization

Management needs to be aware of the finve layers if you want to develop “data-utilization” culture and system in your organization.

The reason I do not use “five requirements” but rather use” layers” is that you do not necessarily have to realize all the five layers. 91 more words


Improve Indoor Air Quality by Utilization of Hepa Filter Air Purifier

Furthermore, adding plants inside your homes like palms and ferns contributes to purifying air inside the house as they naturally release oxygen. For pet owners, regular grooming is important to avoid shedding of their fur. 73 more words


In financial wealth as in life, there is an S curve on the various stages of wealth once could be at.In the early years beginning of the normal curve, we will mainly be in our schools and colleges getting an education- so we may be able to get jobs.Soon after this stage, we come into : 283 more words

How best to manage utilization in a professional services business

Paul Collins, Managing Partner at Equiteq, shares some advice

Utilization within a professional services firm is an important issue to address and measuring it should be a priority for all professional services firms… 485 more words

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Memory Utilization from /proc/meminfo (MemAvailable)

A new metric has been introduced in “/proc/meminfo” in the Linux 3.14 kernel — MemAvailable:

An estimate of how much memory is available for starting new applications, without swapping. 464 more words