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University of Tennessee students head home for Thanksgiving

Students at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tenn. headed home for Thanksgiving. The UT 2 West TN program is a way for students with family in Memphis and Jackson to head home for the holidays from Knoxville. 14 more words


Kinvey integration with Xamarin

Now a days mbaas is becoming quite popular. Backend as a service, basically, it’s a cloud computing category that’s comprised of companies that make it easier for developers to set up, use and operate a cloud backend for their mobile, tablet and web apps. 1,458 more words

UT's Jalen Hurd: The Next Steps

The question in sports at the moment is whether Jalen Hurd will be training for the soon-arriving N-F-L draft, or a spot with another college football team. 93 more words


Jalen Hurd IS Transferring

     He is a junior 6’4 running back for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. During his freshman and sophomore year he rushed for 2,187 yards, made 17 touchdowns, and caught 57 passes for 411 yards and 4 touchdowns. 416 more words

Tennessee Wins Over Kentucky in Knoxville AGAIN!

The Tennessee Vols are still in it!

There has been a long time rivalry between the Vols and the Wildcats. Kentucky has not beat Tennessee in Knoxville since 1984. 253 more words

Vols vs. VT vs....Romans?

Neyland Stadium is big. According to the UT Sports website, the largest crowd to file in to its stands was 109,061 people. They were all on the edge of their seats as Tennessee beat Florida 30 to 28. 259 more words

Getting started with MvvmCross in less than 10 minutes

Mvvmcross has gained popularity very rapidly its became as most widely used package for the cross platform apps and with v4.0 they have made it more robust and easily accessible.Though Stuart lodge has given N+1 days of mvvmcross and are to be considered the best to begin with. 622 more words