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Q. Profile how the human search for the meaning of life can been seen in one ancient myth

A Myth is a story created by ancient people which expresses their understanding of and beliefs about their world. The human search for meaning and values can be seen in The Myth of Gilgamesh. 261 more words

Leaving Cert Religion

Episode 4: The Atra-Hasis (and other stories)

Last time I told you about the Sumerian Noah–Utnapishtim. Today we talk about the Deluge myth, its historicity, as well as the Babylonian Adam and Job in the second installment of Babylonian society and culture. 29 more words

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I have to read The Epic of Gilgamesh for my history this year. Not that it’s a bad thing, I throughly enjoyed it!!! It was written c. 165 more words

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Epic of Gilgamesh - Sha naqba īmuru

The Epic of Gilgamesh (Sha naqba īmuru) was written on 12 clay tablets in cuneiform script. It is about the adventures of the historical King of Uruk (somewhere between 2750 and 2500 BCE). 31,253 more words



People often try to extend life because their time on Earth is limited. What they should do is make the best of the time that they have. 247 more words



Gilgamesh said unto Utnapishtim, to Utnapishtim the remote: “I am looking at thee, Utnapishtim. Thy person is not altered; even as am I so art thou.

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Stuff from Way Back #28: Hey, Buddy, Can You Spare a Myth?

The early parts of the Biblical book of Genesis involve a great deal of water, which might seem odd in the mythic tradition of a society that emerged and evolved in the relatively arid environs of Palestine. 892 more words