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In Search of Utopia

I have been reading Chris Jennings’ wonderful new book, Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianism (Random House, 2016). 19th century America was filled with all manner of utopian movements, some that lasted a long time and others that were short-lived. 948 more words

Autistic Left-Wing Optimism

A good friend of mine described himself as an “anarchist Marxist.” When I said to him that that’s a bit of a contradiction, because true egalitarianism within a society requires an authoritarian state to regulate any exchanges between people as all individuals are partly self-interested, it was as if he’d never even considered the possibility. 572 more words


To A disillusioned Idealist

What is this youth?
This search for truth?
What is this heart
You have not the art
To conceal
But must reveal
Your ideals?
What is this age… 21 more words

Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, October 8-19, 2015

beating up: regulating (the drug companies, the banks, etc.)

big government: any government.

cost-benefit tradeoffs: any regulation that incurs any costs nullifies its supposed benefits. … 217 more words


The One Great Truth

Nothing can be conceived more hard than the heart of a thoroughbred metaphysician. –Burke


Squeers caught the boy firmly in his grip; one desperate cut had fallen on his body—he was wincing from the lash and uttering a scream of pain—it was raised again, and again about to fall—when Nicholas Nickleby, suddenly starting up, cried ‘Stop!’ in a voice that made the rafters ring. 1,727 more words