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Is Utopianism needed in politics? BY DANIEL ARGENT

Much political theory is utopian in that it attempts to describe the author’s vision of an ideal political situation. This ideal theorising has a long tradition in political thought, but has been especially prominent in international relations in recent decades through thinkers such as John Rawls. 1,807 more words

Daniel Argent

Religion of the Week - Bonoboism

Bonoboism is an Amazonian religion developed by mankind’s closest living relative, the Bonobo.  The adoption of this religion by human beings would result in revolutionary social change. 320 more words

Amazon Society

In His Image

The Christian socialists are beautifully and energetically collaborating with the infidel socialists and abolitionists to bring about this millennium. They also are divided into two parties. 1,741 more words

Antique Christianity

NoHassle From Counterculture to Cyberculture Stewart Brand the Whole

If you enjoy writing there is nothing better than doing so with a good quality pen. Having a good quality pen in your hand will mean that it is balanced and comfortable to use. 361 more words

Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer's adventures in the Soviet Union, 1930-1936

I’ve posted about Hannes Meyer several times already. For those who don’t know, Meyer was the second Bauhaus director. He stepped in after Walter Gropius… 8,071 more words


The Circle by Dave Eggers

Another day another dystopian vision of the future. But this one is a bit different, as the future it portrays is so similar to the present, that it would only need a couple of delta-xs to be there. 610 more words


Population and Demographic Predictions for the Americas, From 1823

– 21 July 2015 –

Barzillai “19th Century” Bozarth:

I recently stumbled upon the following footnote from the 1832 edition of the Encyclopaedia Americana, Volume 12. 1,288 more words