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Uppsala University, Sweden

At the start of this year, I would never imagine that I would have travelled to Sweden alone to study at Uppsala University. Uppsala is a relatively small town in the grand scheme of things however, it is the 4th biggest city in Sweden. 545 more words

UTS Global Exchange

Yonsei University, South Korea

Arriving in Seoul Korea

21st of August 2019.

Sydney Airport. International Departures.

I knew it was going to be difficult.

It was daunting to embark on a journey which I knew was going to be the most challenging period of my life. 1,592 more words

UTS Global Exchange

Danmarks Tekniske Universit, Denmark

Having spent less than a week in Denmark, it’s impossible to properly describe Danmarks Tekniske Universit (DTU) or give justice to Copenhagen as the diverse city that it is. 436 more words

UTS Global Exchange

IE University, Spain

So my name is Abhijeet Parge and I’m currently an student exchange for Spring 2019 at IE University in Madrid, Spain. So far, I’ve backpacked Europe for about a month, covering 12 countries in 7 different countries! 273 more words

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Welcome | Selamat Datang | வரவேற்பு | 欢迎 to Singapore!

Multicultural, cheap food, great night life and close to home- what more do you want?

Nanyang Technological University lies in the very west of the bustling city of Singapore. 540 more words

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Maastricht University, Netherlands

Stroopwafels, 3am bike rides, and copious amounts of beer are a few key words I would use to describe my last few weeks living in the beautiful city that is Maastricht in the Netherlands. 444 more words

UTS Global Exchange

Copenhagen With Max Wileman

Let’s skip the cute introductory sentence, I likely only have a couple minutes of your time with which it is my civic duty as your Australian mate to convince you to join me in Denmark. 561 more words

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