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Hej fra Aarhus, Denmark!

Before setting off almost 2 and a half months ago, I had
never travelled solo or lived overseas! My only time spent in Europe was a… 790 more words

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Universidad de Montevideo, Uruguay

The hot, herbal drink mate (pronounced mah-teh), is as Uruguayan as Vegemite is Aussie. Walking down the streets of Montevideo, every day I pass Uruguayans sipping… 398 more words

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Sun Yat-Sen University, China

This is my fourth week at my host university and finally everything has been settled pretty well. Life here in China is very different from life in Australia, like very different. 403 more words

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Ryerson University, Canada

Ryerson University

Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Snow! It’s been two months since I’ve arrived in Toronto, Canada and to say that it’s been an amazing experience thus far, is an understatement. 680 more words

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Siestas and Fiestas

iHola a
todos! Today marks 3 months since I’ve been in my host city of Pamplona, Spain.
In that time I’ve been busy travelling, making amazing friends from all over… 619 more words

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Korea University, South Korea my new home!

Hello to all readers, I am a Tourism Management student at UTS, my name is Chia Ying Chan, but I go by Angel! I am currently an exchange student at Korea University, located at Anam, for the Autumn session 2019. 864 more words

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IE Universidad, Spain

Iceland, Blue Lagoon

Spain always seemed like a
holiday destination to me, the thought of having tapas, sangrias and the
infamous fiestas and siestas always sounded like a dream. 429 more words

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