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Hallo from Dornbirn! FH Voralberg, Austria

Hallo! Ich bin Hannah und studiere Intermedia an
der Fachhochschule Voralberg in Dornbirn, Österreich.

That translates to, I’m Hannah and I study
Intermedia at the Fachhochschule Voralberg (FHV) in Dornbirn, Austria. 839 more words

UTS Global Exchange

Ryerson University, Canada

“You came at the wrong time of year”, is
something that has been told to me by almost every Canadian person I’ve met
upon finding out I have come from Australia in the height of summer. 731 more words

UTS Global Exchange

Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Today marks about a month and a half of living in Tilburg. It’s been a pretty full-on month, with a lot of partying, traveling, making friends, and maybe a small amount of actual studying. 436 more words

UTS Global Exchange

The Exchange Juggling Act

So the first quarter of the Swedish semester is almost over, which for most people means lots of stress and a lot of overeating to deal. 361 more words

UTS Global Exchange

Living the hygge life in Copenhagen

When I first arrived in the city of Copenhagen, coming from
the warm summer of Sydney, I had to adjust quickly to the drastic drop of… 382 more words

UTS Global Exchange

Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Hoi, aanghenam! Two
months into my exchange in Rotterdam and I’m already wishing it was longer…


The academic standards in Rotterdam are fairly high and the teaching styles here differ quite a bit from back at home. 458 more words

UTS Global Exchange

Maastricht University, The Netherlands


If you’re looking into exchange and wanting to find out about a great place to spend 6 months abroad, you have come to the right place. 440 more words

UTS Global Exchange