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Sogang University, South Korea

Sogang University is a Jesuit University located in the heart of Seoul, just two stops away from one of the few famous clubbing areas, Hongdae. Located in Sinchon, Sogang is close to not only public transport but cheap food, alcohol and shops! 418 more words

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The Copenhagen Charm

I have fallen in love with this city, with my bike, and with 4am shwarma. Copenhagen is not just a goldmine for design and architecture, but coffee shops, bars, art, live music and of course, biking. 390 more words

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Miami University (Ohio), United States

I’ve just completed my first couple of weeks at Miami University in Ohio and it has honestly been the best experience. Miami U is what I had imagined the perfect college town to look like, located 45mins away from Cincinnati, the entire town is dedicated to the University. 370 more words

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Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Hello from Singapore!

Today marks the 50th day of being on exchange. After sharing this information with my roommate, we’re both in agreement that we’re staying another semester, because it’s gone way too quickly. 594 more words

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Ryerson University, Canada

I’ve been in Toronto now for just over two weeks and it has been a wild and overwhelming time so far. I arrived on a Monday evening around dinnertime and I was so exhausted from the massive journey (via LAX) that all I wanted to do was check into the hostel and pass out. 586 more words

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Maastricht University, Netherlands

At the close of my first week of classes at Maastricht University, I’m sure of a few things;

Workload, classes and PBL

The learning system in The Netherlands (called Problem Based Learning or PBL) is very different to traditional university teaching for undergraduates, but as a Masters student, I find it very similar to postgraduate study. 401 more words

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Hokkaido University, Japan

An efficient yet bureaucratic society

Japan, I believe is a country of juxtaposition. Beautiful, traditional geishas alongside self-conscious, constantly adjusting their hair youths. Innovators in technology yet cash is more widely used when paying and everything you do has a physical form to fill out. 655 more words

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