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Happy Feet

We are penguins on the wrong continent, and somewhere someone is bulldozing our eggs.

Short Writing on “Performative Utterances” and How to Do Things With Words

Typically, scholars in literary theory and philosophy interpret Austin’s deliberations on speech acts in “Performative Utterances” and How to Do Things With Words as attempts to establish definite limits on the new, self-proposed distinction between performative and constative language. 410 more words

J.l. Austin

Guttural Utterances

Maybe guttural and maybe just utterances that we don t consciously make. I am talking about perhaps whacked out breathing that makes noises, words or phrases, sighs, baby type sounds, screams, anything that you may have noticed coming out that you didn t intend upon. 54 more words

I have come ...

I have come to abandon Self to Her place in sweet nakedness on the altar … where others have been to mock her mattress of petals woven of forgotten flowers and the feathers of sky songs … She will not bleed when they cut her breast, … for she has become a vision at last. 8 more words



There’s a lump on my chest
Letting it go seems to be best
Putting my heart into rest
Will I pass this endless test?

There’s a hand covering my mouth… 40 more words


Utterances~by Paul F. Lenzi


“Out of the Woods at Walden Pond”
Painting by Rita Brown
From pixels.com

was a time
when I thrived
among men
and machines
of free enterprise… 124 more words


Good Night My Fellow Poets ...

The sun set this evening in a blaze of pinkish coral and sherbet orange outlining the cottontail tufts of the sky high thunder clouds … the ghost trails were more distinct than I have seen them in many moons … hot white traces of memories the Summer has yet imagined while spinning in the dew cuddled rain … eyes closed … all smiles … not caring if we fell in the mud or forgot our way home for a time … the sky was that which childhood has daydreams about when it cannot react to hearing Mother calling it’s name … it is too lost in the beauty in the pureness the butterfly must know all too well  … and those of us who have been lucky enough to love from the bottom of a hungry belly cling to when we sleep alone one more night … at times I trace the cloud edges with my fingertips … other times with my mind’s eyes … on days like this, however, the gods do this for all of us … we are all favored in the Light and in the Love which originates from the collective … Sweet and Bright Blessings Brothers and Sisters of Spirit …  I must sleep. 9 more words