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Winter Words

Winter words have been elusive lots … jumbled time tumbling bronzed locks … tethering heartbeats to your memory … bell ship bound in some sunken grave of grey ground … and  feather down dullard dreaming cartilage cast spinning on the ice … frozen fronds waiting for the spring thaw … like ancient love letters tucked in the cracks of a wishing wall … to return to the dust you blew through those hollow haunts … I kept the wine from freezing between my thighs … though they were rosy enough in the beginning with out currants and lavender to share their spice … it will be a good year to uncork the  secrets we stained so many a moment with … let the butterflies drink all they will and carry you away on drunken wings … that sad or silken sorrows shall visit no more the cobwebs or the broom. 6 more words


Missing You As If Only Time Matters

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone I hope you are blessed today and always. This is an old piece and one of my favorites. May it bring you joy  … Peace and Love, Carla Dawn… 244 more words


Guttural Utterances

Maybe guttural and maybe just utterances that we don t consciously make. I am talking about perhaps whacked out breathing that makes noises, words or phrases, sighs, baby type sounds, screams, anything that you may have noticed coming out that you didn t intend upon. 56 more words

(02/11/2015) The Spirit of Truth?

Points are shared, today, on how the ministry of Jesus is continued upon the earth by operations of a spirit from GOD that would permanently abide among and indwell the Savior’s followers after his resurrection from the dead, and his return to heaven.  904 more words

The Holy Spirit

Ninja Kitty No More

The kitten had attempted to scrawl a hostage message on the back window of the classic orange metal flake Firebird in an ancient Japanese script he had studied over the shoulder of his master who did mostly nothing except watch  endless loops of Wuxia movies and eat caramel corn, both of which  the cat adored immensely for their subtitles and the way the sticky sugar treat got balled up in his fur and he had no choice but to lick it out to free himself of it’s pestilence.   138 more words



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How will I best be of service in the days to come? 153 more words