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Utterances of a Weary Soul

The life that was so preciously mine lay at my feet, for awhile, and quelled my aching thoughts as the branches of my thinking extended towards the stars. 134 more words


N for Nostalgia.

The sound of the ringing bell, and the morning assemblies.

A fragrance, a smell – along with bittersweet memories.

The uneven texture of your mother’s hand loom; 103 more words


On arriving

I’ve been so afraid.

It is only now that I see that fear was ridiculous. It was so arrogant of me to have fear, to be so extremely cautious, so painfully careful. 392 more words


Christmas morning

It was always a matter of patience. In all things that were to be done with care, all things that I was to grow to love. 710 more words


Two styles of conversation:

One. Two people add their thoughts, one on top of another, building up, up, up—and perhaps away from each other, into their own worlds.

Two. Two people engage each other, and probe with questions deep beyond the borders of the usual chit-chat, in order to challenge and be known to one another in a new way. 30 more words


On the border

The strangest thing – the further I leave my home, the closer I arrive to it.

I try to write myself back into the place where I was born and raised, and my heart swells. 419 more words


Part 2: How to Make an Alexa Skill

This post is the second in my Alexa series. You can find my first post here Part 1: Introduction to Amazon Alexa.  This is a blog post format of my original presentation on… 904 more words