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Police Posting to Rivers: Civil Society Groups Condemn Wike's Utterances

Coalition of civil society non-governmental organizations in Rivers State have condemned in totality Gov Wike’s utterances on the Nigeria police force, describing it as meddlesomeness and an intrusion into the official freedom and the power of the Inspector General of Police to determine and decide which police officer to be given responsibility and where such an officer should be sent to perform his or her duties. 541 more words


Dares, Dodges, and Ignorance

She brought flowers with her for the first time they would meet. Lovely pink roses, she bought as the grocers a few blocks from his house. 337 more words


Light my world ...

You are the source of my Sun~shine revolving around the window pane galaxy which leads long stemmed petal and portal pressed … cut glass azure sea foam spanning bridges of prismatic light between your world and mine … without the club bump beating of your heart, my kingdom could not stand … for it is that distant lull which hold the mass and grounds … you panhandle the rain which mists my eyes, my words, my tender held refrains … my hope remains verily chained to standing in your storms for lack of touch or grain … Long I have and I shall remain … enamored by my muse, my sword, my heart’s sweet claim …

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Puns and Punctuation

I used to come to the altar of offerings to bleed for you in single strands of my diluted blue blood punctuated elixirs … finery frost and the web of maidenhair remembrances written on winds which slumbered while my heart made ready only that which would serve thee … love was their carriage master … It was in the winter nights I wandered ice ghost stone shell of a lover left in me … East my feet blue as the vein untapped would creep … to your window panes and brittle break upon their fragile pain as toe dance I would to see you pen … bay tea and herb, parchments and hound … yet, seldom was it you I found … so in love with the moon you were that she had your gaze, your lips, the touch of that which goes beyond what most can bear or bare … the pebbles I pelted upon our skull were never felt by your mortal core … all the same you turned and smiled right through me … 

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Queens of the Tarot up your sleeves

How can I write anything more than druthers with you gone … with your salt still here in my veins,  in the stinging my eyes shares … with that feeling I never had when you left … not shaving all weekend but had all of me you wanted … by now lips would be as raw as my heart feels this moment … nearest to bleeding I have felt since I swore I would never let another you in … you came right through the front door and took the keys off the nail where they hung … I think you put them in your pocket … maybe you threw them out the open window … I’ve no idea, I was too busy with those eyes of yours … and how your intelligence drew me in like magnetic North turns the spiritual compass of a sinner towards the great reward … I was present for the second time in my life … grounded … ravenous … yet, somehow you found it amusing … when I spoke your name with passion and desired, to taste everything, to believe in the possibilities … you merely wanted assurances you could have assurances before you took the thorns off the rose canes … How did Leonard put it, “He was just looking for a card so high, he’d never have to deal another … ” and you found it only to dog ear the corner to remind yourself … it became essential I be broken down to baby girl and Eve before you returned my keys to me … assuring me, I was ordinary after all … you taught me too early, there is only one surprise … you carry the Queens of the Tarot up your sleeves …

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Happy Feet

We are penguins on the wrong continent, and somewhere someone is bulldozing our eggs.

Guttural Utterances

Maybe guttural and maybe just utterances that we don t consciously make. I am talking about perhaps whacked out breathing that makes noises, words or phrases, sighs, baby type sounds, screams, anything that you may have noticed coming out that you didn t intend upon. 54 more words