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Luna Moth Fever

Last poem to the present and pertinent heart … for with only a week to live …  I’ve luna moth fever with you on my mind… 85 more words


Smoke Signals

What is that? It started in your head, but God meant it for your mouth …

How do you keep the ringlets of the pebbles tossed in calm lakes from swallowing up the reflection of those you love the most … just before you give them flight … the second upon which you release their memory stones from your palm? 116 more words


Holy Vapors

Mary in a Roman Catholic Church in Chicago

I had forgotten what it feels like to breathe … taking in lungfuls I could claim as my own … for the moments we had held them … the utter thoughtless exchange, otherwise now a dwelling stay … I’ve been giving it away so long … to anyone who will take it … or was it to anyone who would let me have a dram … does it matter what caused the stain when a cancer is the day’s remains ? 114 more words


The mosaic ginger ...

The mosaic ginger of the tree lined summer streets which hold in their leafy memories words you spoke walking home on rainless nights … fill my anticipated inhales with the now autumn scuffles and damp near Decembers … your tea cup companion not far behind, sweetening the rippled edges … the barest of branches now play a whistling tune to the snow’s vein … echoing poetic your soul’s limber catch … and I welcome a deeply moist evening’s vapor … under starry skies … only slightly ajar from a common alignment … smiling, in awe of your loving me still …

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New Beginnings.

Triathlon.  Three syllables (four, if you say it slowly).  Never has a word sparked so much apathy in me.  I mean, it’s ridiculous.  Three sports, jumbled into one event.   452 more words



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He didn’t realize then
That sometimes words

Are harbingers to endings.

If he had been attentive,

He would have seen her

Put one finger to her lip.

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