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Five Life Lessons I've Learned from Funny Utube Cat Clips

Not a day passes that funny utube cat clips don’t shine a simple wisdom onto my complicated, human existence. Here are a few truths I’ve learned from them: 139 more words


Watch Your Kitty Cat Videos and Quit Fussing

When I hear people make fun of kitty cat videos, I want to tell them, “Oh, poo on you.” I want to ask them, “Aren’t you happy when you watch kitty cat videos?” But I don’t have to ask because I know the answer will always be, “Yes.” 167 more words


Archie Bunker's Eulogy

Back in the day. Comedy. Brilliant Writing. Brilliant Presentation


Veteran's Day 11-11

For years – as long as I’ve been operating blogs – I celebrated Veteran’s Day with the same video. It’s by a Canadian singer/songwriter by the name of Terry Kelly, a Veteran himself. 60 more words

Veterans Day

I don't know what I'm doing...

Ok guys, I have a confession. I have absolutely no clue how to use thing. But hopefully with a few completely wasted days I will master the art that is… wordpress.


Are You a Cat or a Dog?

Dog people are like dogs, and cat people are like cats.

Dogs are pack animals by nature, needing the warmth and closeness of others like themselves. 563 more words


Content providers need thick skin 2 absorb rejection!

Ok, I did a video for healthline and AstraZeneca. It was called ‘you’ve got this,’ where I speak to a newly diagnosed person. It was rejected once because I put AstraZeneca in the title. 154 more words

#bipolar #disorder