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Part of our replies to the committee’s questions on the team:

♣  What does “cynefo” mean?

“Synnefo” /ˈsinɛfɔ/ is the Greek word for cloud. The inspiration for this name came directly from our modus operandi. 246 more words



Cynefo is the name we picked for our small team, considering that “synnefo” is the Greek word for “cloud”.

It represents our mode of operation, so far. 118 more words


Eleet.fi suggests links based on what you've shared on Facebook

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Hello and welcome to Eleet!

Eleet suggests links to you that you might be interested in, based on links that you and other people have shared on Facebook. 667 more words

Coming out with eleet.fi domain and blog #Uutisraivaaja

Today we are reaching a milestone. We’re activating the eleet.fi domain while going live with our Eleet blog. A big thanks to our core team, including Minna, VilleJ, Lauri, Pavlo, Marko, VilleK, Heikki and Tommi for making this happen. 6 more words


A recommendation engine informed by gestures

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We consider the above tweet by New York University Journalism Professor Jay Rosen to be the most flattering endorsement to date for the idea of ‘Gestures’, or ‘Eleet’ in Finnish. 488 more words