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...Let the Sun Shine

Happy summer solstice! Today marks the first official day of summer, and is one of the longest, sunniest day of the year.

Okay, so summer doesn’t technically start until this evening, and if you’re on the east coast it’s not until tomorrow. 341 more words



Hi there!

……” It was a warm summer afternoon when I decided
to go for a quick swim.
I packed my bag, put on my loose gown, big hat and sun… 705 more words


Why we seriously need to talk about sun protection

With the UK seeing high temperatures in recent weeks and people’s summer holidays just around the corner, one thing that everyone’s looking to achieve is a gorgeous, glowing tan. 880 more words

Sun Safe

Hey guys!  Summer is right on top of us and we all love to be out in the sun enjoying the good weather but the first thing you need to protect on top of everything is your skin.   393 more words


How to Get a No-Sun Tan

Humans have a love-hate relationship with the sun. On the one hand, it’s an excellent source of vitamin D that can make bones strong, and it feels wonderfully warming and can give skin a burnished, healthy glow. 616 more words

How You Can Reduce Your Risk of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Cancer of the skin is by far the most common of all cancers. Melanoma accounts for only about 1% of skin cancers but causes a large majority of skin cancer deaths since it is more likely to grow and spread if not caught early. 643 more words

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Sun Protection

I use Paula’s Choice Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen with SPF50 whenever I go swimming as it is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. It is very important to use a broad spectrum sunblock like the one in the picture whenever we go outdoors to protect our skin from both UVA and UVB rays that damage and burn our skin. 74 more words