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Why You Need to Go Outside More

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to dispel some of the mythology that has negatively affected the mental and physical health of black folks in America. 561 more words

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New study on UV Radiation

An article in The Guardian by palaeobotanist Susie Lydon covering a new study on the history of UV radiation on Earth.

A mixture of pollen viewed under a scanning electron microscope (and artificially coloured!). 57 more words

Tuned Into Tech: UVLens

WAND-TV Air Date: 7/19/2016

Reporter: Tori Stukins

Photographer/Editor: Eric Harrold

Tuned Into Tech

#DrawingofTheWeek: Julia Thomson and Ingrid Morley!

MASScot’s education project has allowed us to talk to 17,000 children about #SunSafety.

As we’ve seen over the past few months, these sun savvy kids are also talented artists, and we love sharing their colourful creations with you.   55 more words

Advantages and Disadvantages of ultra violet Rays.

The effects of UV radiations in terms of its harmful potential has been widely Show cased. UV radiations of various intensity and wavelength are employed for different purpose. 118 more words


Sunbeds and Evolving Attitudes: Complex & Important to Understand

During this weekend’s event, we had some interesting conversations with members about changing attitudes to tanning beds since the 1970’s.  We talked about how it’s important to understand the risks haven’t always been as apparent as they were.   212 more words

can't get your eyes off it (Internet)

The internet may be a big DEAL when it comes to well…uh…every thing like games, maps, yahoo, email, or even youtube right so it is a BIG DEAL but can’t get my eyes off it…ARGH… 35 more words

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