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Cold Weather Affects on Lupus.....

Getting through the winter months can be painful. Here are some tips and tricks to try and make it a little easier.

* Stay as active as possible: Keeping joints and muscles warm and flexible helps keep the pain and inflammation down. 301 more words

Lupus Awareness

Flare Triggers...👿👿👿

What are common triggers for a Lupus flare?
While a person’s genes may increase the chance that he or she will develop Lupus, it takes some kind of environmental trigger to set off the illness or to bring on a flare. 108 more words

Lupus Awareness

Sunbeds and Evolving Attitudes: Complex & Important to Understand

During this weekend’s event, we had some interesting conversations with members about changing attitudes to tanning beds since the 1970’s.  We talked about how it’s important to understand the risks haven’t always been as apparent as they were.   212 more words

can't get your eyes off it (Internet)

The internet may be a big DEAL when it comes to well…uh…every thing like games, maps, yahoo, email, or even youtube right so it is a BIG DEAL but can’t get my eyes off it…ARGH… 35 more words

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What to do when locked out

Today I just broke in my own house ( not like a robber though) , and believe me it was weird becase I was the only one who knew all the hacks through the house, and you can learn it to incase you end up locked out since your mom forgot to get the keys… 95 more words

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The arduino files

Have you ever tried arduino, if you have then you would prbably notice a special code/language, and if you have not seen arduino look it up on google no pictures now…


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A home made droid in lego

I have got to tell you it is not that easy if you don’t have the correct parts

click here to view and click here to view bb-8

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