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When shit happens..

I’m not sure from where to begin. I might not make sense, but I know I need to write. The past few weeks have been such a roller coaster.   1,309 more words

Blind photographer gets his vision of Paralympics

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RIO DE JANEIRO: Joao Maia is one of many talented photographers covering the Rio Paralympics, but with a twist: he can’t see what he shoots. 631 more words

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Uveitis in Sarcoidosis

What is uveitis?
Uveitis refers to the inflammation of the uvea. This is the layer of the eye found between the sclera and the retina. This inflammation can lead to the involvement of all the three parts that form the uvea. 553 more words


Uveitis Anterior Akut

Uveitis atau yang dikenal oleh masyarakat awam sebagai penyakit  rematik mata  adalah inflamasi atau keradangan pada traktus uvea. Istilah uveitis saat ini juga digunakan untuk menggambarkan berbagai macam inflamasi intraokuler yang mengenai tractus uvea (iris, badan silier, koroid ) serta retina dan pembuluh darah retina. 369 more words


The fight against uveitis...

This is to explain what has happened to me the past year, my condition is an invisible one – looking at me you would have no idea I have it. 650 more words


Chapter 4.5: Meet my BFF

Meet my best friend Becca on National Best Friend Day!