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My Story - Fighting Chronic Inflammation

I wanted to take a second to share with you the REAL story behind who I am and my initial why.

For the last 2 years I’ve been battling with both extreme inflammation in my eyes (a condition called uveitis) and severe glaucoma. 782 more words


Considering Naturopathy

As a new nurse with many years of cardiology office experience; I originally thought that I would become a cardiac nurse.

I am after all fascinated with all things heart related. 543 more words


Starting a new chapter...

Today was a day that started out with a crisp clean fresh page in front of me, stepping into new and unknown territory in a new phase of my journey.  629 more words

Chronic Illness

Oops Did I Just Pull the Trigger? I really must do better next time!

Triggers… if you have any kind of chronic illness this is something that at some point you will most likely have investigated. What is it that triggers my condition?  623 more words

Chronic Illness

Acute Red Eye Physical Diagnosis

Best approaches to physical diagnosis of acute red eye

Clinical Question:
What signs or symptoms are indicative of serious eye disease in patients with red eye or a bacterial cause in patients with presumed conjunctivitis? 92 more words

Family Medicine/Pearls

Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis - The 3% Rule

~ 3% of patients with psoriasis have psoriatic arthritis and ~ 3% will
develop it annually

Clinical Question:
How common is psoriatic arthritis in patients with psoriasis and how often will they develop arthritis? 98 more words

Evidence-Based Medicine

International Journal of Ophthalmology & Eye Science

International Journal of Ophthalmology & Eye Science (IJOES) ISSN 2332-290X is a comprehensive, peer reviewed journal devoted to Ophthalmology & Eye Science.IJOES, published by SciDocPublishers is an Open Access journal that includes high quality papers, which covers all major areas of Ophthalmology & Eye Science and its diagnosis. 27 more words

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