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AMK Plans

So my plans for this AMK Standard format have changed once again with the new emergency ban announcement from WotC (Felidar Guardian is gone). I feel bad for two friends I have who only bought into the 4-color Saheeli combo deck because this past Monday’s announcement indicated that the deck was safe “for now.” Those friends dropped somewhere over $100 on the deck with the knowledge that it would likely be banned within the next 5 weeks at the next ban announcement but they wanted to play in some events with the deck. 503 more words


Two dozen layers of federal regs are impeding scientists, says UW Chancellor

Speaking to the U.S. Senate committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Wednesday, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank said regulations have been added year by year until there are now as many as 23 layers of administrative responsibilities tied to federal research grants.  > The Cap Times

GOP bill would require UW campuses to discipline speech-disrupting students

Republican lawmakers are circulating a bill requiring UW institutions to discipline students who disrupt speeches on campus, calling it “Republicans’ promise to protect the freedom of expression on college campuses in order to encourage the broadening of thought and growth of ideas.”  >  Wisconsin State Journal

State's political climate drives top-recruited professor to reject UW offer

The top faculty recruit for the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies recently rejected an offer to join UW-Madison, citing the “chilling effect” Wisconsin’s political climate has on the university.  >  Daily Cardinal

An Inside Account of the UW Red Square Shooting

The UW shooting showed me, yet again, how screwed up the systems are. The political system, the legal system, the administrative system, the educational system, the capitalist system.

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South Seattle Emerald

Both suspects charged for premeditated UW shooting

Dukes, otherwise known as Hex, has made it clear that he prefers restorative justice in which the shooter and accomplice wouldn’t face jail time. Instead, they would have substantial conversations with those involved and with the community, as he doesn’t believe jail is the rehabilitative system it claims to be.

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Couple Charged In Shooting Outside Seattle Right-Wing Event

SEATTLE (AP) – Prosecutors on Monday charged a couple in connection with a shooting during a demonstration over the appearance of a right-wing speaker at the University of Washington in January. 275 more words