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Inside the 'free speech' debate that rocked a Wisconsin campus and rippled across the country

PBS News Hour looks in-depth at the clashes on college campuses, spurred by extremist speakers, that have compelled legislators in more than a dozen states to introduce bills to punish hecklers, with the Wisconsin legislature adopting the country’s strictest policy.

'Reclaim the UW' protesters call for more higher education funding

Demonstrators called for legislators to better fund the UW System Wednesday in Madison. One of several protests focused on funding cuts and tuition freezes at campuses across the state within the last several months, the rally included speeches by Democratic gubernatorial candidates Tony Evers and Kelda Roys, and state Rep. 8 more words

Evers: Can't wait to replace UW regents

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Tony Evers can’t wait to replace his UW System Board of Regents colleagues. Evers made the remarks during a protest Wednesday over plans to cut 13 liberal arts majors at UW-Stevens Point and a $250 million cut the system took in the 2015-2017 state budget. > AP News