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UW Taiwanese Night Market 2015

The view approaching the night market.

Those lines were torture.

Got a red bean fish bread from Beanfish! So good!
Taking a breather on the outskirts of the night market to chow down on our food. 201 more words

Computer Vision (CSE P576) - My Project 2: Panoramic Mosaic Stitching

Project Files | My Solution

Panorama test sequence

My result of the test sequence is almost identical to the provided solution image. The overall process is as follows: 272 more words


Computer Vision (CSE P576) - My Project 1: Feature Detection and Matching

The project has three parts:  feature detection, description, and matching.

Skeleton  | Test Images | MySolution

Feature Detection

I will identify points of interest in the image using the Harris corner detection method. 1,303 more words


Computer Vision (CSE P576) Courseware and Calendar at University of Washington

The course calendar below gives the lecture topics, assignment and due dates for projects, as well as the readings and demos.

Week Topics Assignments Week 1… 118 more words

Don't Pick Up or Carry Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)

Well . that’s an odd title I’m guessing so maybe folks might stop and read this scribble and bibble!

Take a look at this picture I took and then I’ll enlighten you as to why I took it. 476 more words

Scribbles And Bibbles