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Walker hails ‘free speech’ bill that would punish student hecklers

Gov. Walker tweeted his support last week for the campus free speech bill passed by the Assembly, signaling that he will sign the bill if it gets to his desk. > Huffington Post

Global Week

Reception enjoyed global week.Each class had a different country .RA had Spain,RB had India and RC had England.Here are some of our activities.Making flags,designs for Sun bears, singing songs and writing postcards.

Opponents of campus speech bill accuse GOP of being free expression hypocrites and UW enemies

In debate on the Assembly floor Thursday, Democratic opponents of a Wisconsin campus speech bill accused Republicans of hypocrisy in presenting themselves as champions of free speech while they routinely squelch protest in the Capitol and try to silence speech at the UW that they don’t like. > The Cap Times

Freshman year at UW

I graduated from high school, valedictorian and with a lot of scholarships. I worked my tail off applying for literally every single scholarship I could get my hands on. 1,378 more words


Assembly approves bill on campus free speech, sending it to Senate

UW students who repeatedly disrupt campus speakers or presentations could be suspended or expelled under a Republican-backed bill the state Assembly passed Wednesday, with no Democrats in support. 13 more words