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Res. Hall Insights: Witte and Sellery Hall

Witte and Sellery Halls – Southeast Neighborhood

Witte and Sellery Halls are two high rise residence halls about a block away from each other on the Southeast side of campus. 624 more words


How to Successfully Struggle Through Finals

Finals week is creeping up ever so quickly, but if you haven’t started thinking about them yet you’re in good company. My first year on campus I tried to “just wing” finals week. 651 more words


Res. Hall Insights: Leopold Hall

Leopold Hall – Lakeshore Neighborhood

Leopold Hall was built in August 2013, so it’s the newest residence hall on campus. There’s a lot of amenities to impress you right off the bat: temperature controlled rooms, carpeting, a walk-in closet, and less students per bathroom. 663 more words


5 Must Have Apps for UW-Madison Students

I won’t openly admit to being smart-phone obsessed, but if you observed me for an extended period of time you would realize my phone is more than a phone to me. 931 more words


Res. Hall Insights: Kronshage Hall

Kronshage Hall – Lakeshore Neighborhood

The first thing you need to know about Kronshage Hall is that it isn’t one big building. It is, in fact, eight buildings. 791 more words


5 Times UHS Can Help Even When You're Not Sick

UHS is an acronym for UW-Madison’s University Health Services. When most students think of UHS they think of, “that place I go to when I’m sick.” Yes, UHS is the place to go if you’re not feeling well, but they also can help you out when you don’t have the sniffles. 619 more words


10 Ways the Multicultural Student Center Can Support Your Student Org

MSC Student Life Intern, Eric

Being part of a Student Organization can be one of the most meaningful experiences for students on campus. Student orgs are a wonderful place to make friends and professional connections. 828 more words