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Slow (food) and steady wins the race

At a huge school like Madison, there are so many student organizations and clubs that it’s not uncommon to go through all four years without even hearing of most of them. 416 more words


Monday morning munches

Living in a sorority house is all fun and games until it’s Monday morning, you don’t have breakfast from the chef, and all you want are warm muffins to comfort your beginning-of-the-week woes. 527 more words


Say 'cheese!'

The lovely city of Madison may be rainy and humid today, but Day Two of classes is over and things are finally starting to fall back into a routine. 297 more words


New blog, who dis?

New month, new age, new school year, new home. Why not a blog?

Being back in Madison, WI with a fresh school year on the horizon has given me a spark of ambition and creativity I haven’t felt since I started my… 184 more words


aye quilombo

Iguazu is (debatably) one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. (World.new7wonders.com is the list that includes it.) It’s located on the boarder between Brazil and Argentina and is essentially national parks FULL of waterfalls. 1,117 more words


Happy Baby

My first week in Buenos Aires, where I barely speak the language, have no clue how to get around, and have had little real responsibility has made me feel like a small child. 942 more words

UW—Madison Creative Piece

From Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest. Available Now!


Go On, Wisconsin.

Proceed as the Badgers that burrow through this state’s bureaus
Mine a line of reform that runs roughshod throughout these United States. 630 more words