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Why do we create ‘personas’?

As a designer, having worked with several teams, I have seen teammates with two extreme opinions about ‘Personas’. One who thinks ‘Personas’ are a must in any design process, and other who thinks – ‘it is a waste of efforts and time’ and one can do away with it. 711 more words


The Five Best Web-Safe HTML Fonts

While it may seem inconsequential, selecting a font is a crucial decision for anyone starting a blog or website. You should choose a font that not only reflects your brand’s style, but is also web-safe and friendly. 420 more words


Coupon Reports UX Update

We did a nice little update on the coupon reports page:

This is what is used to look like:

How to protect your website from common UX traps

Suppose that you spend one day just for visiting the websites, can you count how many times you enter a website with bad or even terrible UX? 558 more words

What I Did to Research My Client

Client: Quinlan Consulting

I had a “coffee meet up” with the head intern of our team to get to know more about the company. After I was given all the websites the company had, I looked on each one of them to connect the dots of how the corporation works. 234 more words


UX Research on Client

Customer is not always right – but is always first. This is why UX is at the front and centre of SEO. Get to know the client first. 388 more words


An experimental mission to Flashpoint: The results (Part II)

In the last post I explored some possible reasons why Flashpoint’s turn order is just so forgettable. In this post, I present the results of my little experiment and explore what it all means. 1,905 more words

Game Criticism