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Unpredictable Event by Minata

Я любил ходить в школу в Узбекистане потому что школа была большая, красивая, и также моя школа заняла первое место в городе Самарканд. Учителя были умные, добрые и почтительные.

Samarkand: some major monuments, etc.

Our afternoon trip was outstanding. We went to Ulug Bek’s Observatory and Museum (the curved track of the observatory is the highlight of the complex, but the beautifully arranged museum has many notable exhibits including old manuscripts), Afrosiab Museum (the museum’s highlight is the astounding 7th century fresco of the Sogdian King Varkhouman receiving ranks of foreign dignitaries as they ride elephants, camels and horses, but other exhibits give an insight into all the civilisations that have thrived at Afrosiab, the ancient city that existed not far from the centre of modern-day Samarkand), Shah-i-Zinda (the stunning Avenue of Mausoleums, which ascends a gently inclined hill. 498 more words


The Time My Life Changed by Emma

Uzbekistan,Samarkand chiroyli joy, odamlar harxil joy lardan odamlar kelishadi. Bir ertalab 2 odam eshigimiz oldiga keldi va bobom eshikni ochdilar meni ota onam zorab kelishibdi  dedi bobom va osha kun mene xayotim boshqacha bolishini bildim. 62 more words

The Time My Life Changed by Emma

I lived in Uzbekistan,Samarqand, a beautiful place to travel or to live at, known for its mosques and mausoleums. It was summer break, one morning  when me, my sister and my mom were eating breakfast while watching   cartoons on the  tv I remember my grandpa coming into the kitchen and telling my mom “there are two young guys asking for you and they have your and the kids’ information”.   886 more words

17th January 2017

Оригинал – Сен Кайдан Биласан
Language – Uzbek
Translation – I am not sure. ‘Сен’ translates as ‘you’, ‘Кайдан’ could be ‘moves’ or ‘saves’, and ‘Биласан’ seems to be ‘know’. 73 more words

Magic Event by Rasamaxa

Mon damgifsudem xonaba soni yakta bacha dara taq taq ka omad mon buromdem bachcha guft mexoxotonmi digar shahar raftana guft mon ha kutem soni vay bacha rasmi mona gift  soni badi 2 sol xat omad mona jezzad soni mon visa ofisash ba raftem soni vayo guft visa gifteton guft United State ba raftanba vayo gap zad mana akemki man go’sh kadam mon grandcart giftagi mona guft. 307 more words

The Istanbul Nightclub Attacker Has Been Captured After More Than Two Weeks On The Run

(ISTANBUL)—Turkish authorities captured the gunman who carried out the deadly New Year’s nightclub attack in Istanbul, with officials saying Tuesday that he’s an Uzbekistan national who trained in Afghanistan. 441 more words