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Students in charge of universities and other quirks of Kazakh higher education history

Did you know that Kazakhstan’s first university was opened in Tashkent – in today’s Uzbekistan?

Or that the its first Rector (Vice-Chancellor) was a final year student? 975 more words


Uzbek Civil Society on the Hazards of Investing in Kleptocracies

Tonight Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev will tout the benefits of investing in his country to executives of multinational firms at a swank dinner at the Onyx Room in mid-town Manhattan.  1,548 more words


Time and relative dimension on earth: thoughts from the Khiva desert

After having spent 2,5 days in beautiful Khiva, today I’ve journeyed on towards Bukhara, my second stop in Uzbekistan. I’m writing this entry while sitting in a shared taxi, in the sweet company of Dominique and Françoise, a French couple I’ve met yesterday while on a tour to the desert’s castle ruins. 1,922 more words


Uzbekistan's cotton picked by forced labor

Uzbekistan is the most populous country in Central Asia and a crossroads of China’s so-called New Silk Roads—railroads and pipelines uniting the heartland of Asia and Europe. 89 more words

Abuse Of Power

Eurasia's Latest Economic Reboot Can Be Found In Uzbekistan

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Eurasia has become a hot spot on the map because of China’s Silk Road initiative. The region’s most populated country, once closed to the world, is now looking to reboot itself following generations of Soviet-style governing, and maybe take advantage of the region’s new push forward. 2,027 more words

Money Matters

An Insatiable Thirst: Will Central Asia Go To War For Water?

The Central Asian states are among the biggest consumers of water per capita worldwide. Turkmenistan tops the list, its water consumption totalling around 5,500m³ per capita, nearly three times more than Iraq in 2nd place with usage of around 2,000m³ per capita. 705 more words

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