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Lies and More Lies: When the World Was Young

Review: When the World Was Young, by Elizabeth Gaffney
Random House, 2015. 298 pp. $26

You’d think that V-J Day would bring young Wallace “Wally” Baker a boatload of joy. 699 more words

Historical Fiction

On this day in 1945...

…A very special person was born – my mum.

VE day on 08th May 1945 had signalled Victory in Europe and marked the end of the war for many, Hitler having killed himself a week prior. 454 more words


Tuesday 8th May 1945. V.E.Day.

The Burton Daily Mail said in its not particularly large Gothic script: ‘GERMAN WAR IS AT AN END’:  a sub heading said, ‘Burton receives news calmly.'(1) 618 more words


Exhibitors' Takes on Salome, Where She Danced

Believe it or not, Salome, Where she Danced, a pure cult film today on account of its crazy plot, ludicrous characters, and (except for David Bruce) scenery-chewing acting, all incongruously wrapped in Walter Wanger’s first-rate production values, was exactly the right product for the public’s celebratory mood at war’s end. 340 more words


Rev. Arts HN: A Thousand Wrong Words

“V-J Day In Times Square” photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt. August 14th, 1945

Some say that “a picture can speak a thousand words,” but what if they’re the wrong words? 535 more words




A PICTURE, WHEN IT TRULY COMMUNICATES, isn’t worth a thousand words. The comforting cliché notwithstanding, a great picture goes beyond words, making its emotional and intellectual connection at a speed that no poet can compete with. 456 more words

Street Photography