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The Year at the Top, 1945

“Guild Player Deemed Fit Valentino Double” was the wry September 1944 L.A. Times headline announcing that David Bruce would play the romantic lead in Salome, Where she Danced, a movie developed by famed semi-independent producer Walter Wanger. 1,514 more words



Forever Mastadon ~ Episode 216

…I forgot what I was going to say….

Attorney Moore is ankle deep in horse apples, knee deep in hay and up to his neck in angst. 339 more words

Historical Fiction

Lies and More Lies: When the World Was Young

Review: When the World Was Young, by Elizabeth Gaffney
Random House, 2015. 298 pp. $26

You’d think that V-J Day would bring young Wallace “Wally” Baker a boatload of joy. 699 more words

Historical Fiction

On this day in 1945...

…A very special person was born – my mum.

VE day on 08th May 1945 had signalled Victory in Europe and marked the end of the war for many, Hitler having killed himself a week prior. 454 more words


Tuesday 8th May 1945. V.E.Day.

The Burton Daily Mail said in its not particularly large Gothic script: ‘GERMAN WAR IS AT AN END’:  a sub heading said, ‘Burton receives news calmly.'(1) 626 more words


Exhibitors' Takes on Salome, Where She Danced

Believe it or not, Salome, Where she Danced, a pure cult film today on account of its crazy plot, ludicrous characters, and (except for David Bruce) scenery-chewing acting, all incongruously wrapped in Walter Wanger’s first-rate production values, was exactly the right product for the public’s celebratory mood at war’s end. 340 more words


Rev. Arts HN: A Thousand Wrong Words

“V-J Day In Times Square” photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt. August 14th, 1945

Some say that “a picture can speak a thousand words,” but what if they’re the wrong words? 535 more words