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Arrow GP Titanium on Aprilia Tuono V4 sound

I just installed a new exhaust on the Aprilia. Here’s how it sounds! I’ll give you a hint, it sounds amazing.


Creating a chart with D3 (v4) and TypeScript (or ES6)


A while ago, I posted a series of articles about creating a chart using D3 and TypeScript. The goal of this article will be to create the same kind of chart, using the latest versions of the two products. 1,565 more words


Crossing the Hudson Week 3

WEEK 3 of the campaign, Crossing the Hudson. it is time to cross the Hudson.

The game this week is crossing the hudson. A thematic map and game to go along. 60 more words

Battle Reports

Israel shows its support for Hungary and Poland, the EU’s “patriotic nations”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week attended a summit of the so-called “Visegrad Group” in Budapest with the leaders of “V4” states – Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czechia. 210 more words

European Commission

D3 v4 and TypeScript: getting set up


A while ago, I wrote a couple of articles about creating charts with D3 and TypeScript. However, as time is flying by, those articles are now out of date, as both TypeScript and D3 got major updates since then. 1,820 more words


Netanyahu's illiberal connection?

Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu just visited Hungary and had a summit with V4 countries and many observers suggested that he might feel quite comfortable among illiberal partners as current Hungarian and Polish governments are described. 521 more words


Crossing the Hudson Week 2 Hart Attack


A total of 11 games were played for Week one with 6 Nato victories and 5 Soviet victories. This meant that strategically, Soviets couldn’t take out enough AA sites for the Soviet Airforce to provide support. 229 more words