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5 Things to Do When Your Internet Connection Sucks

I’ve been experiencing horrible internet connection for almost a week now. These past few days it’s unstable and kept on disconnecting, but yesterday, it’s totally busted with no dial tone and no wifi at all. 963 more words

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Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Are you falling behind your competitors? A wise man once said – “The person who delegates are the ones that get ahead of the pack.” And it’s true a Virtual Assistant can be a great asset to your business. 398 more words

Virtual Assistant

What is good Customer Service?

Last year I established my own business. Like most small business owners, I spent (and continue to spend) a great deal of time reading and researching the best practises, tips and smart ideas to ensure my business succeeds. 773 more words

Virtual Assistant

Motivation Is Key

It’s Monday morning and I am sitting her drinking my first of what is sure to be several cups of coffee and going over my to-do list for the day.   352 more words

Virtual Assistant

5 main Differences between a Temp and a VA!

So you’ve decided to delegate some of your growing workload to someone else. Well done, you’ll soon see the benefits first hand of freeing up your time to focus on generating more revenue for your business. 571 more words

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My Top 10 Blogs From 2012

In going over my blogs from 2012 I realized that I have some of them that I love but I also have some other blogs that I love that aren’t mine.   1,332 more words

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What I Have Learned In a Year of Being a Virtual Assistant~

Some  would think that if you are an Executive Assistant or an Administrative Assistant you can be a Virtual Assistant.  Yes and No!  It is very difficult to make that transition if you don’t have any support or any mentors that have been doing the Virtual Assistant gig for a while.   377 more words

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