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UNMAP behavior in ESXi 5.5 P3/ESXi 6.0

I’ve had a few questions on how the VAAI UNMAP primitive has been changed in ESXi 5.5 P3 and ESXi 6 since I re-tweeted a colleague’s blog post on it. 544 more words


Newsletter: May 24, 2015

Hello all,

I traveled to the DataGravity HQ yesterday.  I forgot about the Memorial Day weekend and of course travel was busy.  And of course I could not arrive on the day I wanted but when I finally got here Hertz upgraded me to a very nice Forerunner which is way nicer then I thought.  2,010 more words


PowerCLI from ESXi mass modifications

Most of the time, I use vCenter (Web) Client for day to day operation, for a massive deployment, I have played a bit with PowerCLI. As it is a complete framework, some gems that really helped me. 323 more words


vDCA550-Objective 1.2-3-Administer hardware acceleration for VAAI

VAAI enables the ESXi host to offload certain storage operations to the storage array, where they can be performed faster and consume less CPU and memory resources on the host. 669 more words


Newsletter: April 4, 2015

Hello all,

I trust this finds everyone well today?  I had a busy but interesting week.  Yesterday had fun adding SSD and controllers to my work lab hosts. 2,194 more words


vSphere 6 and VAAI performance boost on VMAX

***Update – as more customers move to vSphere 6 on VMAX, I expect this topic to be more poignant.  So I want to point out something about the changes detailed below.  1,299 more words


eNAS on VMAX3 and VAAI integration with NFS

Late last year in the second release of the HYPERMAX OS for VMAX3, EMC delivered new functionality for file-based storage called Embedded NAS or eNAS.  eNAS runs as a guestos (GOS) on the VMAX3 and therefore is fully integrated. 694 more words