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Newsletter: April 4, 2015

Hello all,

I trust this finds everyone well today?  I had a busy but interesting week.  Yesterday had fun adding SSD and controllers to my work lab hosts. 2,194 more words


vSphere 6 and VAAI performance boost on VMAX

I thought I would tease a bit from my VAAI whitepaper update (which will be published next month) and talk about VAAI performance with the new GA of vSphere 6 and VMAX.  1,194 more words


eNAS on VMAX3 and VAAI integration with NFS

Late last year in the second release of the HYPERMAX OS for VMAX3, EMC delivered new functionality for file-based storage called Embedded NAS or eNAS.  eNAS runs as a guestos (GOS) on the VMAX3 and therefore is fully integrated. 694 more words


Deploying NetApp NFS Plug-in for VMware VAAI

NetApp’s NFS plug-in for VMware VAAI (VMware vStorage API for Array Integration) is an API that allows for the offload of certain tasks from the physical hosts to the storage array. 663 more words


NetApp VSC, VASA, VAAI for VMware vSphere: Why do I need this?

In most software meetings, round tables, and customer reviews and councils I have been part of, the feedback has been about a common topic the majority of the time. 367 more words


Reclaim Storage Space

One of the great features in the last few years has been the ability to reclaim space back from thin provisioned volumes/datastores therefore keeping the storage lean and avoid unnecessary spending in capacity upgrades. 1,087 more words


Template Replication

Since vSphere version 4 we have been using the excellent replication feature of our Data Domain systems in order to replicate templates to all our DC’s. 421 more words