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Today's Reason To Drink

Sorry for the long delay … but I was in Key West doing as the roaming chickens down there do: eat, drink and be merry. And my friends got married as well! 54 more words


The Ultimate Travel Playlist. 

With a long flight ahead, there is nothing better than putting on some head phones and a good playlist to bop to.

With your next trip coming up, I have created my favourite 16 songs that I jam to from the airport in Toronto, all the way to my hotel in BoraBora. 93 more words


[Video] Jamas Le Hagas Cosquillas a una Vaca

Oraaaa…pa’ que le hacen cosquillas a la Vaca si no van aguantar bara!! Este hombre se le hizo facil hacerle cosquillas a una vaquita y lo pateo.


Lifelong Learners

On my summers off from school I find myself in different relaxing places…the beach, or hiking through some forest, or visiting family.  In the midst of my “downtime” I am struck with how exhausted I truly am from the previous school year.  491 more words


1-Take a little time to travel

I have lived in Indiana my whole life and I have only been to the beautiful state of Michigan once or twice. After only 3 days of staying in Grand Rapids, I think I know where I want to have my summer home. 315 more words

21st Birthday

Sometimes Separation is needed 

Sometimes you need a break, a little separation is needed. It’s very healthy for one to have alone time. You need to reflect, and protect yourself. 115 more words


Today's Reason To Drink

Here are some Destin, Fla., vacation pics I promised you. 35 more words