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Today's Reason To Drink

I made it back in one piece from Denver, and I have many things to share.

But first, take a look at this horrid sticker I found at a whiskey convention I stumbled into. 128 more words


Today's Reason To Drink

OK y’all. I’m going to Denver later this week. Well, actually Golden, but we’ll be in Denver one night.

And you bet your sweet ass I’m going to take a tour of the Coors Brewery! 24 more words


Not Even Myself

Ever gone on vacation and you didn’t know what to do first, so you did nothing at all. How much more did your body just need to rest rather than to do? 159 more words


4 Tips For Buying A Lake House

Maybe you’ve always wanted a place to take the kids during the summer. Maybe you’re just trying to get away from it all. Whatever your reasons for considering the purchase of a lake house, here are four tips for making a smart decision about lakeside real estate: 310 more words


Today's Reason To Drink

I took a jaunt to Chicago this weekend and got down and dirty with some pizza.

The New York-style thin bullshit you can fold like a taco is gross. 65 more words


Creative Ways To Save For Travel

You can travel with debt, but taking steps to reduce your debt before traveling is advisable. Loan consolidation makes a lot of sense, and could save you enough capital for a trip over time. 562 more words


Vaca without the Rosé

Two weeks ago, I sat in an AA meeting and started sobbing. I was terrified that I would screw up and drink on our upcoming vacation. 483 more words