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We're Almost There, Honey!

Finals’ week ends

End of stress and worry

Catch a breath and take a nap

There is no need to hurry

Fall approaches, senior status… 55 more words

Random Scribbles

Knocked Up by a Stranger

An 18-year-old girl goes to see her mom and tells her that she has missed her period for two months.
Very worried, the mother goes to the drugstore and buys a pregnancy kit. 198 more words

Vacation will make you laugh your breath off.

It’s that time of the year, where there will be a family comedy film packed with laughs. Here it is, one of my most enjoyable movie i watched this year, Vacation. 120 more words


Back From Vacation

I am back from vacation and will be living in Australia for a while. There will be a new blog post tonight so stay tuned.

11 Reasons Why You Should NOT Visit Niagara Falls

You’ve always wanted to go. Niagara Falls has been a life-long bucket list destination. And then your favourite family travel blogger comes out with an article like this. 7 more words

Off on Vacation I Go - Wish me Luck!

I had mentioned that I really wanted a vacation. The problem was that the budget I had assigned myself was a little small for anywhere really. 304 more words

Frugal Living

The Best and Worst of Luck

Ethan was at work today, trying to contact a customer over the phone. Instead of Cheryl or Darryl or Shari, he got an automated voice saying, “Thank you for calling __._ fm radio! 69 more words

Life And Laughs