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Middle Kingdom (2015)

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Our tour of the Middle Kingdom was not a spur of the moment thing. We had discussed this tour for some time, and had even discussed taking this tour at this time for some time. 2,466 more words


Road Trip Planning Tips 3 | Just Before you Go

Departure time is almost upon you. Your bags are packed (if they aren’t, see here and here) and your trip stretches out before you like the ever expanding Universe, but with a slightly more tangible end date. 564 more words


Heading back home

Currently sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to leave. I’m sad I’m going back to cold weather. Florida is beautiful! My mom and I went to the aquarium today and it was amazing! 52 more words

Ready to Travel

I’m ready to travel guys.

So. Damn. Ready.

As I have previously mentioned in previous blog posts, I have not been traveling much since I got to Keele this past September.   510 more words

The 60605 | Recap

Hey dolls! I am so sorry this post is late, but it has been a crazy week and I chose to spend my Sunday practicing a little… 267 more words


No More Vacations Please...

It’s an interesting feeling finally finishing something that has been in the works for nearly seven years. At the end of March, me and my team relocated our retail store. 570 more words


Burnout in 3, 2, 1...

Oh Florida, where art thou?? Why do you escape me?

Not gonna lie, this past week put me through the wringer, physically and mentally. Torie and I have been busting our asses preparing for upcoming accreditation for both the Iron Block and Beerline clinics at the end of the month- painstakingly taking every detail into consideration. 570 more words