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Day One-Hundred: Rise

Why begin something if only to finish it?  If I had started this blog only to get to the end, well here I am.  I have made nothing with completing this if not the rewards of going through the process.   715 more words

Right On

Here's a pic of Obama kitesurfing across the tears you shed over his $400,000 fee for giving a speech https://t.co/0zzr0Fbqf1

Ragnarok Lobster (@eclecticbrotha) April 27, 2017

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Introduction to Pura Vida

The husband and I arrived at Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica on Saturday, April 15th.  The trip there was long (fly from Seattle to LA, change planes, travel from LA to Liberia, CR, pick up rental car, drive from Liberia to Playa Hermosa), but uneventful.   933 more words


Bienvenido a Flamenco Beach, Culebra, PR

We live in a beautiful world created by a master hand, we can find majesty in many corners of the world.  There are places, that seem to have been sprinkled with special qualities unfound anywhere else on the planet; the tiny island of Culebra is one of those places.   866 more words



I’m on a flight to Ft. Lauderdale, to connect with my sister and fly on to Punta Cana. I have my anxiety under control and am watching in awe out the window at this creation of God’s…at the giant mountains and the rivers cutting through, breaking up the green vastness. 217 more words