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‘My house in Budapest, My hidden treasure chest, Golden grand piano
My beautiful Castillo’ – George Ezra

I haven’t posted in quite a while because of one thing or another…exams and coursework for my second year of university (which I somehow managed to achieve a first, still no idea how!) and starting my year long placement at PZ Cussons Beauty in Covent Garden for their hair care teams; Fudge Urban, Fudge Professional and Charles Worthington, but more about that venture in another blog post. 880 more words


You So Pretty, San Antonio!

Two lovely days in San Antonio. What was envisioned in 1921 as a paved-over storm sewer to manage flooding of the San Antonio River instead became an enchanting “River Walk” due to the vision and persistence of architect Robert Hugman. 112 more words


Happy Anniversary Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World Resort opened 45 years ago today, on October 1, 1971. Click on the image to read more about the opening of this magical place known as Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World

Book thoughts: A year in Provence

Let me tell you in advance, this isn’t a book review but my thoughts on the book that I very much enjoyed reading. I get book cravings once in a while.  446 more words

Crest the Hill

The following story was first published on the Good Men Project website.

I’m certain this is bad mojo, Dunston isn’t dead. But it’s probably the nicest thing I can offer a person. 1,958 more words


Venice to Barcelona by Sea Day One – Getting Started.

Going on a cruise might not seem like the obvious holiday choice for someone who is disabled with impaired mobility: well, it is a boat, it rocks about a bit and there are those stairs to consider, and what about getting on and off? 2,003 more words

My South East Asia Contiki Adventure

Do you ever get that feeling that when blink a whole year passes you by? Well that’s what just has happened with this trip, it felt like we were doing this trip for longer than a month but it passed by quicker than you can say good morning Vietnam. 265 more words