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5 Reasons Why YOU Should "Take a Leap" and Invest

It took me a minute to realize the importance of investing or taking risks with my money. When I thought of “investing money,” I never thought I would be able to do it. 524 more words


How to become rich mentality. Difference between poor and rich thinking.

John has two fathers. One is his biological father, and another one is his best friend’s father who he also look up to. 200 more words

One Minute Insights

Vacation Rental in Costa Rica

Why people choose Costa Rica as a vacation destination?

The answer is simple: Pura Vida! which means Pura Life, a slang phrase costaricans use to say hi or good bye, thank you or you are welcome or just Pura vida! 152 more words

Costa Rica

Family Vacation

As a child “family vacation” meant camping in a small camper with the people who hated to be around each other. We didn’t take big trips to exotic places or even warm places with beaches. 433 more words

Random thoughts by Caitlin

I will tell you what I will be talking about in all the blogs that I will do and have done. It pretty much says it in the title. 95 more words

And Random Stuff

Busy being lazy at La Luz (hotel review)

There’re times when you go on vacation to try some new and exciting activity, and other times you just want to sit around and do nothing but eat and swim. 679 more words

Our Journey, Our Way: Hoping the Detour Doesn't Lead to a Dead End

We’ve had circumstances of late that have caused our life to change. Dramatically. “Our Journey, Our Way” was supposed to be about our life traveling with autism, whether or not we encounter bumps along the way, how we’re treated, and how places accept and deal with our two kids with autism. 427 more words