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Santa Rosa Final

Ever notice that when a vacation is over, it seems like it happened LONG ago?  Shoot a week ago I was still in California, I had just taken a ride through wine country and I was spending time by the pool.   1,219 more words


this will be me ..........

okay this is me from three years ago but it will be me again in three weeks.

my husband and I will fly the friendly skies once again to Daytona Beach Florida and spend 8 days there before flying home again. 55 more words


Nafpaktos / Nafplio..Summer 2015!

Στο τσακ πριν την άφιξη του φθινοπώρου, εμφανιστήκαμε κι εμείς για να σας δείξουμε κάποιες φωτογραφίες από τις διακοπές μας! Συγκεκριμένα εγώ είμαι η Μένη και θα σας δείξω κάποιες λίγες φωτό που έβγαλα στην Ναύπακτο και στο Ναύπλιο όπου πέρασα  6 απίστευτες μέρες!


Vacation report: Hershey, Pennsylvania

In 1986, I went on a school trip of sorts to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania to compete in a computer programming contest, the details of which I’ve already… 3,157 more words


Experience Madison, Wisconsin

You may not have Madison, Wisconsin in mind as a great vacation spot, but you might be surprised what the city has to offer. From concerts in the square and a multitude of lakes to children’s museums, art exhibitions, shorelines, dance festivals, theaters, butterfly gardens, and the Science Alliance, Madison has something for everybody. 162 more words


Bread crumbs for breakfast 

If you’ve ever gone on vacation with your family, then you understand that while it’s lots of fun, it’s also lots of work. Especially, for the mom and dad. 174 more words


Summer Update

Well as the summer is starting to come to a close with the weather changing and schools back in session we are looking back at our summer adventures. 726 more words

Adoption The New Pregnant!