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Why written words will never go away......

I, Paul, write this greeting in my own hand. Remember my chains. Grace be with you.”

I, Tertius, who wrote down this letter, greet you in the Lord.”

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Moab 2015: Facing My Fears in the Sky

Have you ever stared death in the face? I have! Ok, so perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit, but Friday morning was our zip-lining adventure! I had been alternating between looking forward to it, and absolutely dreading what was sure to be my impending death. 923 more words


The Hamptons

I’ve been to The Hamptons twice before this weekend and hated it both times. This time however, the busiest time of the year was different. I went with a friend who was from there and I absolutely loved it, had a wild time and even chugged a beer. 7 more words


Follow the Light [to Roatan]

Every year, it’s starts out the same, “where’s our vacation going to be?” We toss around several locations, freak out over how much it’s going to cost, and then say, yep “we’re in!” 658 more words


Remembering Road Trips

Few things in life are as simultaneously rewarding and annoying for a family as a nice long road trip. While preparing (both physically and mentally) recently to hit the open road with my family, I found myself reminiscing about my childhood experiences on American interstates. 1,325 more words


1 of 10 Best places when planning you 1 or 2 weeks vacation.

When thinking about going to spend your 2 weeks vacation of your work in a place where you will feel like a kin, is kind of stressful chose the right one and looking through the facility that they will give you. 39 more words


12 Buddhist Eco-Guidelines – Inspiration

As we strive to cultivate a positive relationship with the environment, we need to first realize there are two facets to the journey – preserving inner happiness and maintaining outer ecological balance. 131 more words