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Summer travel synopsis

If you’ve hit the roads or visited the airport recently, you know that the summer travel season is well underway. Thus, I thought this an opportune time to review some of the many ways negotiation research can make travels negotiable. 406 more words


Best Places to Picnic in Napa Valley


There is nothing quite like having a picnic while sipping delicious wine and enjoying the views of the Napa Valley. So grab a blanket, some friends and plan accordingly: 556 more words


Chizen Itza

There was a time when the Mayan people lived in great cities in Guatemala and Mexico. They had developed a syllabic form of writing and created books to record their history. 1,261 more words


The Camping Trip

I remember taking my son over to his grandpa and grandmas house to spend the night and rise early the next morning to go camping. My dad would wait until his grandson came over to help put the wood in for the nightly campfire, make sure they had plenty of  sleeping bags for the beds, and  the fishing poles and let’s not forget the worms. 533 more words

Back Porch Cruisin'

Last week I traded out my back porch for a porch of a different kind. Instead of drinking beers and staring out at my backyard, I was drinking margaritas and staring out at the Caribbean Sea from the front of a gigantic cruise ship. 767 more words


Days of Summer

Yea! Today is the first day of SUMMER! As you already know I’m a Summer Baby! Summer is 1 of 2 seasons I love the most, even though summertime now is not as exciting as it was when I was growing up. 737 more words

The Do's + Don'ts of Traveling By Cruise Ship

I have only been on two cruise vacations, so I am no expert. But both times I traveled with my in-laws, who are experts. Derek + his family grew up going on cruise vacations (6, at least), and I am so lucky to have had the privilege of joining his family on a couple of cruises in the five years Derek + I have been together. 1,000 more words