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Vaccines: Parents should decide on their own. [not Science!] (obvious?!?)

Whooping cough has turned up in North America after decades of near absence. Caused by the Bordetella pertussis bacterium, whooping cough is emerging from the shadows in response to a fateful switch of vaccines embraced in the 1990s, just when it seemed the disease was licked. 968 more words


Many Americans Are Skipping the Flu Shot

Just over a third of adults age 18 to 65 in the United States received flu shots during the last flu season, according to new analysis  129 more words


Vaccination, over-simplification and the need to have Marketing separate from Medicine...

Vaccination does help. (1) But to what extent?

It seems that after vaccines started spreading, diseases started declining too. (2) But what a minute! 260 more words


Is Katie Couric the Next Jenny McCarthy? Couric Responds

Following a segment of her daily show Katie that called the HPV vaccine “controversial,” Katie Couric, journalist and host, defended — and acknowledged problems with — her coverage. 299 more words


Princeton to Begin Dispensing Meningitis Vaccine

A recently-approved meningitis vaccine became available at Princeton University on Monday, as officials sought to contain the meningitis outbreak on the  New Jersey campus.

Students can receive meningitis B vaccine Bexsero beginning Monday, Novartis spokeswoman Liz Power said. 110 more words


TIME Explains: The Meningitis Outbreak at Princeton University

Seven cases of a rare form of meningitis were reported on Princeton University’s campus. Here’s what you need to know.


FDA Approves Meningitis Vaccine for Princeton Outbreak

Federal health officials have approved a meningitis vaccine previously unavailable in the United States to contain an outbreak at Princeton University.

Bexsero, a vaccine approved in Australia and Europe, fights off strain B of the disease. 94 more words