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Vaccine-assisting molecules help the lung memorize immune responses

Traditional vaccines are generally better at eliciting antibody
responses rather than building a memory of cellular immunity involving
dedicated T cell subsets. Vaccines directed towards infections such as HIV or cancers…
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Father pleads guilty to child endangerment in Rockbridge infant's death | Crime & Courts | roanoke.com

Baby was chemically poisoned , illegal drugs , vaccines

as well, and in addition had parents , and Social Services

fatal failures ..more revelations will follow I am sure… 43 more words

Massive CDC Coverup Exposed - Supreme Court Rules Vaccines Unavoidably Unsafe!

The CDC (Centre For Disease Control) Involved In Massive Coverup. Vaccines Shown To Systematically Damage The Health Of Children. The  CDCs Primary Reason For Existence Is To Promote The Sale Of Now Proven Neurotoxic Vaccines. 186 more words

Globalist Luciferian Elite Cabal

GoFundMe Censors Researcher Connecting Aluminum to Brain Disorders

Some of my recent posts have been regarding the censorship of health information, especially “alternative” health information that challenges the status quo, censorship by Google and social media platforms. 161 more words


Americans Can Handle An Open Discussion on Vaccines - RFK, Jr. Responds to Criticism From His Family


AUGUST 15, 2019

Americans Can Handle an Open Discussion on Vaccines—RFK, Jr. Responds to Criticism from His Family

CHD NOTE: In early May 2019, Politico Magazine published an article written by three of Robert F. 3,403 more words